questionsi wonder what dw mod(s) drew christmas duty?


Someone's on duty - I've seen their work on a couple of deals.


You mean FREE guns, ammo, and lingerie for everyone. In mystery package form!


I'm pretty sure they've just got wootbot deleting random deals and comments to make it appear someone is at the helm.


Looks like ADQ is on the clock and TT. And they're stuck cleaning up Grinch poop.


ADQ is not a moderator. She does our social media stuff.

I'm just popping my head in now and then.

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! We now have a white Christmas in North Texas.


I did my Xmas in Texmas around the 12th since my birthday and my dad's are close together and are collectively the awesomest part of December (I'm biased). I'm enjoying a day off, not-modding as usual, but Interneting as much as any other weekend. Hope everyone's having a wonderful day!


@thunderthighs: We sent you as much as we could from NM. Glad most of it went east of the Sandia Mountains and then to TX.


@thunderthighs: And here in Chicago we have no white Christmas! Strange days, indeed. Merry Christmas all!


I took a well needed day off. (In case folks missed me.)


@gideonfrost: psst you'll want to prepare in advance for NYE, then.