questionsdoes anyone make their own laundry soap?


Been reading about it lately and about different recipes etc? What I would really like to know is does it make your clothes smell good? I work with the public and like to have clean fresh smelling clothes.


Say, you know, this fella does a heap of huntin' and fishin' and chores and all. And he gets his clothes powerful dirty, but that don't fret me one bit! Cause here in my kitchen I use Granny's Homemade Lye Soap!


Not since my team of anarchist started making it. :)

Have you ever tried?


Nope. Doesn't sound like the cost savings is worth the headache.


I'm curious about this as well. I'd love to know how well it works and if it is a big pain in the arse to make.


I do - borax, washing soda, and grated fels naptha soap. When I did the calculations, it ended up being under 6 cents/load (don't need much for the front loader). I was able to find what I needed at the local Winco. I premix them by throwing it in a container, putting on the lid, and shaking it all together.

That said, many other stores/markets don't carry the washing soda, nor were the other two ingredients as low of a price, so it may be a moot point to try and make it yourself.