questionsis the ps3 move worth it?


I have the PS3 move and I enjoy it. I do not have many games for it yet. And I broke my foot 2 month ago so I can not use it for now. But you can often get it for 79.99 I got it for 69.99 over 6 month ago.


If you do buy it I strongly recomend getting the one with Tigger woods insted of Sports Champion. Then go out and buy sports champions for 9.99.


@drigout: ya but I mean to get 4 wands, and a game -- it is a lot more expensive than a Kinect/game bundle-- that and the charging station for the wands.. it adds up quick.. $223.59 for the Ps3 move Starter kit & 3 remotes & charger.. on amazon


Dead Space Extraction which is a railshooter is really fun until you beat it. Killzone uses the "other move controller" which is the only game which actually uses it usefully - the novelty of this runs out fairly quickly since i'm more of fan of the analog sticks for FPS. The game that really shines is The Fight: Lights Out - I play this game pretty much everyday; it takes some getting used to but it is a hell of a workout and extremely fun - it uses 2 of the wands and the tracking is extremely accurate. The sports game that comes with the bundle is fun too.


It's fun, but like most motion controls, the novelty wears off quickly. I'd had an interest for a while and managed to get one at a good deal through craiglist, but I haven't used it much since a couple weeks after I bought it.

It's really more fun with multiple people, though. A lot of the games are actually fun when it comes to multiplayer, and I've played some Move demos that were fun.

If you can get it at a good price, go for it. But pick up an extra controller, otherwise it'll likely get old fast.


I haven't had the chance to try Move yet, but it looks fun. Like a Wii just more accurate maybe?
I have heard that Dead Space Extraction is amazing on Move. I have it for Wii and it's a blast. The best Move game from what I have heard.

I have a Kinect and love it. Kinect Sports is alot of fun and works you really good. I have been using EA Active 2 (also available for PS3) and this program really works you out. The voice controls are nice, especially for watching Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN.

I did see that the new Tiger Woods game works with Move, I bet that is a ton of fun to play.


i have it. Agreed re: Dead Space. I am using it also with Killzone 3 - and it is a really fun experience. Not easy - and VERY confusing at first (but I attribute that more to the fact that my brain is so used to dual-analog). But once my brain/body adjusts (about 5-10 minutes into game) I find that while yes it was difficult - it is more visceral and exciting than the dual analog grind.