questionshave you heard about the $19/month, no contract…


Does anybody have the LG Optimus? Is it a good phone?

Considering it's the only option from a hip company, I imagine it's a pretty damn good phone - still a question worth asking though.


Just found this, apparently the Optimus is HALF PRICE until Nov. 27.

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@drchops: I have the Optimus through Virgin Mobile and it's not a bad phone. It's my first smart phone so I can't compare it against others all that much. It seems to have pretty good performance without any noticeable lag. The camera does not seem to take very sharp pictures, but I think that may be due to slow shutter speed and no flash. also, the phone memory is somewhat limited, meaning that I have run out of space numerous times despite having plenty of room on my SD card. That may be due to the version of Android used, however.


@coolphilip04: I've moved as much stuff over to the SD as I can. the biggest problem is Google themselves. Their apps like their mapping program are some of the largest programs on the phone and they need to be run from the phone memory. Then when they are updated, they take up even more space. Finally, these apps were set up to automatically update themselves. this meant that one morning I turned on my phone and had it fill up it's main memory by just sitting there. I managed to uninstall the troublesome updates and disable the auto update, but it was still annoying.


It could work well for a lot of people, but if you consistently use too much cellular service, they'll drop you.


@chris12345: I wondered about to elaborate? Did it say that somewhere or is that just an assumption?


@drchops: I'm having a difficult time getting to their site now, but this from CNET explains that they really will, as I think Republic Wireless worded it, help you find a provider better suited to your needs.


@chris12345: I found this out-of-context statement

"People of the republic, we’d just like to clarify that 550 minutes, 150 texts, and 300 MB of data over 3G is just an example, not a limit. The more you offload to Wi-Fi, the more you can use. It's truly unlimited. We do have fair use guidelines and we encourage you to use Wi-Fi whenever possible." I need to find some context.

(it's up!)