questionsdo you get oil changes at the dealership?


I use the dealership simply because I can generally secret shop them. But I have never had it cost more then $30 at the dealership. Unless your vehicle needs a synthetic oil.


My dealership does oil changes for $19.99, with every 5th one being free. I also asked about the warranty, and they said it will not void it if I go elsewhere or do it myself.


my dealership says that since i bought my car there i get a discount for life on oil changes (be sure to ask your dealership about that option). it didn't cost more on the purchase, and it's cheaper than if i go anywhere else (seriously $10 at dealership versus $20 at walmart). my dealership does that hole list of "we also check" and it takes about 30 minutes if i have enough head notice to make an appointment (if not figure two days)


If I go to the dealership, I'm there for two hours. If I got to an independent shop, I'm out in 20 minutes or less. That's really the big difference!


Nope. Change my own. Much cheaper and no waiting.


I have been changing my own oil for over 30 years, and plan to continue to do so. It saves me the trouble of having someone try to sell me car repairs/maintenance that I don't want, is (marginally) cheaper and I have the satisfaction/knowledge of a job done correctly.


My dealership is 45 minutes away, and I drive by my wife's brother-in-law's station every day going to work. I shop local. :)


On my newer cars, I bite the bullet and go to the dealer. Reason being it creates a record of what's been done to the car and they are supposed to report anything else they happen to notice is messed up. Also, if I brought it to them every 3,500 - 5,000 they can't argue I was in there screwing with things myself. On my older cars, just do it myself because it's much less money, quicker, and probably the least of the car's problems.


I do my own and if I'm away from home the wife will hit up jiffy lube. They do very good where I am, topping all my fluids off.


I drive a Ford Taurus, the warranty on which expired over a year ago.

However, even before the warranty expired, the only repairs I ever did at the dealership were those that were completely covered by the warranty.

All other work, including oil changes has been done at my local mechanic, who is about a two minute walk from my home and on my way to work. The dealer is a 40 minute drive (without traffic; easily an hour plus with traffic).


My dad does the oil changing for the family.

If he isn't available, my sister's got a few friends who are mechanics.


On my new car I usually do since its every 5k miles and I am to forgetful to check my car fluids.


I initially did when I got my car since free ones were thrown in, but that was only for the first 3 years. I change my own and most of family's cars now though.


Some dealerships offer reduced price or even free (for a while) oil changes on new cars. Others actually have competitive prices and are quick. If your dealer doesn't fall into either of those two categories (say, 90% of them) don't go. I either change my own or go to JiffyLube or the like. They are faster and much cheaper. And I'm noticing that Groupon/Amazon Local/Google deals seem to have coupons for oil changes fairly frequently.


3 months ago I had to move into an apartment after living in a house for 20 years. I normally did my own or had Jiffy-Lube do it. Since moving to a place that doesn't allow maintenance in partking lot (which I do agree with) and purchasing a new Xterra I plan on using the dealer. First one is free, they are $35 after that. They have a awards program with 5% accruing with every purchase. I had window guards order and installed by them for a very reasonable amount. (these are in-channel guards, not stick ons). It was done quickly (called for apointment). This is the first time I am going to have the dealershp do the maintenance so we'll see how it goes...


No actual benefit to oil changes at dealership. That being said, I only get mine done at the dealership. I bought a lifetime oil change pass for $300. Even at $20 an oil change, it will only take 3.75 years at an oil change every 3 months. All my future oil changes on my car are FREE!!


Only used a dealership many years ago when I could afford new cars (& kept them for a decade!). But now that I only drive used cars I have mine changed at a local place. Live in a small town and like to support small businesses here, plus they don't overcharge and do all the "checking of levels" free to keep customers. And most of their repairs are much, much cheaper!


I usually don't, but I also have older cars so it's not like a part of my deal or anything. My friend just bought a new Honda in Denver, and she can go in and have a mechanic check it out for free.


what happens when a dealership takes that long for your oil change even with toppping off fluids and checking belts/hoses is one (or more) of the following

1. they are backlogged with other cars/understaffed
2. they are lazy
3. they are trying to find SOMETHING wrong so they can overcharge you to fix it
4. they are stalling in hopes you'll buy a car (especially if your car is not new)