questionshow can i sharpen serrated knives?


It depends on the type of serrations. hyper fine serrations should be sent out; but if they are what many people consider "common" serations here is a guide.


I would send it out. There are usually some knife sharpening services around including at the butcher counter at your grocery store and nearby cooking schools. They usually charge by the inch, i.e. the one I go to charges .75/inch for straight edge and $1.50/inch for serrated so it's a nominal charge really. You can get rod and DIY and you'll have paid for the rod with a couple knife sharpening.


Ok, serrated knives are a challenge!!! Take a hard look at the diameter of the serrations on the blades. Then find a “rod” knife sharpener like these on Ebay

Or these,

Although there maybe duplications between the links, I am sure you have the concept. Find the akin rod and spent some enjoyable time and fun putting a respectable cut into your knives.


I have for many years sharpened serrated spyderco pocket knives (delica) by using a dremel tool with a small cone shaped stone to sharpen the serrations by running the stone down the trough of the serration. it leaves the knife edge a little ragged but they cut good.
This will not work on kitchen knives but since we were on the subject... The folks above have good suggestions for kitchen knives.


Speaking of Spyderco... Their Logo is "We made things sharp before we made sharp things"...