questionscan you print coupons from the kindle fire?


There is a app for Android

Read the permissions carefully. I don't trust the company and won't allow their "print manager" or whatever they call it to be installed on any of my computers.

I know this research is a few years old. I know that the company has denied the claims. But I also know they've been caught lying in the past, and I have never seen a satisfactory follow up that their software really is safe non-spyware.

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Oops. I just realized that I forgot to post any links to the research I talk about.

The first couple I found with a quick Google search:
-Harvard Business School assistant professor Ben Edelman

It comes down to this: their business model requires that you only print each coupon once. Some people would cheat. In order to stop the few criminals, they treat all customers as criminals and surreptitiously change your registry and create misleading file names.

Their solution: create a lengthy EULA (End User Licensing Agreement) that discloses some of what they're about to do your computer.

In addition, they (at least used to) include straight up spyware that would create ads in Google searches. I won't support a company that ever thought these things were OK and lied about fixing the problems.


@anotherhiggins: Thank you so much for your help. Bummer part is I can't download from the Android store to my kindly fire.

Still going to use it on my home computer as saves us so much money! Been using it for I think about 3 years now and haven't had any issues thus far. But ill take your advice when considering to download the coupons app once it hits the Amazon app store.

Thanks again for all your help!


@mommyleah: I don't have a Fire, but I'm assuming, based on your comment that you, "allow[ed] external downloading," that you can side-load apps.

Side-loading just means that you can place an .APK file (Android Application Package) in storage and then install it via a file browser (like Astro or ES File Explorer).

So all you'd need is a link to the APK. I didn't find a copy in a quick search, but if that's something you would like to try, post back and I'll try to track down a source where you can download the .apk.