questionsgamers: are you excited for diablo 3?


I'm not big into computer gaming, so it's a meh for me. But congratulations to you, I hope it turns out to be well worth the wait.


I'd be more excited if it didn't require an internet connection to play a single player game. At least with an MMOG there's a legitimate reason for this, not just screwing around with the customers for the lulz.


@bogus: I doubt Blizzard is so vindictive as to require internet connection so they can laugh at people who get upset about it...

They do it as a method to prevent piracy.


They are also doing this so that there is much less of a chance of hacking characters. I can not wait until tuesday at midnight so i can get my copy and start the install just to wake up to go to work. It is going to be one of the worst days at work ever


@airfrceman21: Monday night at midnight :p

I'm actually such a loser (and a huge Diablo Fan) that I'm going to be there a few hours early to be one of the first in line...

I hope they make it fun. It'll be my first midnight release (for a game......................)