questionsdid you see the boc instructions for this week?


I thought thought you couldn't post facebook deals here... from what I've seen Woot is all against that.


@luvche21: That's why I added a tag, "why-can-woot-use-facebook-but-we-cannot". Not sure how long that tag will last before woot staff changes it.


@cengland0: Tags are normally changed by the time I get to see them, so I didn't notice. I'm surprised it's still there, but I'm sure it'll be gone soon enough...


I wouldn't be violently opposed to another BoC chase like Crapbeard's Crap....but I definitely will not be involved in facebook crap. Really though, I wish they would just do an oldschool woot off with a couple regular chances at a BoC :)


@luvche21: It's woot's game, it's woot's rules.......kinda like the kid that has the only ball to play with


Using facebook for these is incredibly stupid on Woot's part.

I can't leave the facebook page open since it's such a bloated hog loaded with crap that it causes the browser instance showing it to grow to the point where it's using up half a gig of RAM, eventually dragging the entire system down. I guess Woot doesn't care if your system is usable.

Moreover, delivery delays are inconsistent. It can take forever for a Facebook posting to propagate. Oh, but now Facebook is apparently going to allow faster posting, at $7 per post. Maybe woot will use that.

Finally, there's people who can't get to Facebook at work. Guess Woot doesn't care about them, either.


Last time they did these, they were posted in the woot blog as well, so facebook wasn't actually required.


Looks like less crap for me.


These don't appear to be BOCs at all. The post says "premium Halloween weirdness from the vast McPhee vaults of WTF.", so it's apparently McPhee providing the crap, not woot. Not necessarily that that's any better or worse, but I figured people should know.


It doesn't appear to be a mystery item. They're telling what the prize will be in advance.


As expected, my custom tags for this question mysteriously disappeared. Actually, it's not a mystery as much as it is an annoyance. We know what causes it.


@rhmurphy: The demographic that has to work for a living is of less interest to Woot than the student with $$ and time.

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Just as a reminder - because this "B"oC format is technically a sweepstakes, woot is required to obtain and publish your legal name, so if you'd prefer that your boss can't discover that you were wooting during work hours...


@neuropsychosocial: Where do you get that this is a sweepstake? The way I see it is that some woot staff went into the store of a company that they show us in the video and bought some crap. Then, they plan on giving it away for free. The company that they bought it from is probably not giving it to woot for free and therefore is not a sponsor but is just a regular retailer selling a product.

The only difference I can see from this BOC versus any of the others is that they tell you what kind of crap you can expect and which store they purchased it from.


@cengland0: I believe it falls under the sweepstakes category becasue they are not selling this item but they are giving it away to a lucky recipient(s)


If it's facebook-involved in any way, it leaves me out of the game. Helps my budget and, alternatively, leaves me more money for other deal sites.


@magic cave: This one doesn't save you money because the people who will get the BOC do not pay for them. They are getting the crap for free.