questionscan you help me unlock a couple iphones?


To make this sad for me, I'm an AT&T management retiree and I keep seeing their stock go down. Now I know why with customer service like this.

Luckily I don't work for them any longer or I'd probably want to kill myself.


I am about to do this same thing. I have jailbroken an ipod touch in the past and assumed I could do the same thing with the iphone then get a micro sim card from T Mobile and have them switch my current sim for the micro sim that will work with the iphone. Reading your post, I'm now wondering if jailbreaking the phone will also unlock it (I had assumed it would but now I'm not so sure). A search found some sites but none look especially legit...


@benyust2: as i understand it, jailbreaking is not the same as unlocking. jailbreaking allows you to load apps that aren't authorized by Apple. however, jailbreaking is sometimes needed before using software to unlock the phone.

here's an article:

it talks about unlocking about half way down. it may or may not contain steps on how to unlock.

Disclaimer: I do not own an iPhone nor do I use one on TV


@carl669: Awesome article, thanks.

I'd rather find a method of unlocking without jailbrreaking because of the potential of bricking the phone. These are expensive phones and I'd sure hate to throw it away after an unsuccessful jailbreak attempt.


I think you need to jailbreak it to do it yourself.

I'd keep calling AT&T until you get someone who will help. If you give them the IMEI, the phone's number (or old one) and your friend's name, maybe at some point you'd find someone who will help you.

Also, maybe if you went on a pre-paid plan with AT&T using that phone, then asked, they'd do it. That way you'd be a customer. May cost you a few bucks to get around the system, but if you don't want to jailbreak it's an option.

Unless someone knows how to without jailbreaking.


I'd second what @kmeltzer said - I have had excellent and terrible service with ATT, depending on who answers the phone or what store I go to. Also, if your friend is a continuing customer of ATT, you might have more success if he called for you. In addition, many people have had success getting better response from ATT via social media, specifically twitter. One last thought, is this something that Apple can help with? I've never tried to do this, so I'm unfamiliar with the process - I actually had no idea you could do that.


After the above responses, I could only suggest youtube.


Unlocking the phone is different than jailbreaking it. Unlocking it makes it so you can take it to any carrier (but in your case not Verizon since they are CDMA and AT&T/T-Mobile is GSM)

Jailbreaking allows you to change the iOS.

My BF recently unlocked an AT&T iPhone 4 and is using it on T-Mobile.


@kmeltzer: I called AT&T and got the run around. I kept getting transferred from one person to another until someone finally offered to attempt to help.

I asked if I could get my own wireless service and them have them unlock the phone and they said it's still not possible unless I have a receipt for the phone. I asked if I could get a receipt from my friend that I bought it from and she said no and that the receipt had to be from the AT&T Store or from the Apple Store.

I went ahead and jail broke my 3G version as a test. I'm willing to have that one bricked if something goes wrong but not the 4. It worked very easily because I was using iOS v3.1.3 and could use a program called Spirit. Then, after it was jailbroken, the unlocking was done by using a special App Store that was installed during the jailbreaking called Cydia. You go into it and download a program called ultrasn0w. Worked perfectly.


Then I upgraded my operating system to 4.1.3 and it removes all the jailbreaking, the Cydia application, and the unlocked feature.

Jailbreaking this version is more difficult. It required a different program, then having to put your phone into a "DFU" mode which took me about 20 attempts to get it right, and then using the Cydia application again.

Now that the 3G phone is unlocked and working, I'd like to get the 4 unlocked too but still worried about jailbreaking it. Seems every time you upgrade the OS, it removes your jailbreaking and I'd like this to be a permanent and authorized unlocking.


@cengland0: PM me... I'll contact AT&T and say the phones are mine and get them properly unlocked... But both phones must currently have AT&T sim cards in them or available for use of unlocking as well as being out of contract.


@jsoko: I just tried to PM you and it appears you're not part of the triangle club so I wasn't able to find you.

Anyway, the guy I bought these from is a very good friend so he wouldn't mind helping me get these unlocked either; however, AT&T requires an original receipt from either the Apple Store or the AT&T Store before they will unlock it. Even if you say that they were yours, you'd still need to provide those receipts and that is where the problem is.


@cengland0: Sorry, I just added myself...

You only need a receipt if you are not a customer of AT&T, I have done this with a few phones that were not mine. Although I called in rather than doing the form.

Please PM me the IMEI numbers of the phones and I will attempt to help you out.


@jsoko: PM message has been sent. Thanks for adding yourself the the triangle club.


It does not help you but in a related note.....

My brother bought one of the new Samsung phones in June through an AT&T account. He had it stolen a couple days later. AT&T was not able check if the phone was added to another account and said it maybe in a couple years they should be able to do that. The salesman did offer to sell him another phone for about it $100 off list. He was not too happy.


A big thanks goes out to @jsoko for helping me get this phone unlocked. Don't understand why they did it for him and not me but it got locked anyway.

I thought AT&T would send an unlock code but the way you unlock it officially is by backing up your iPhone through iTunes and then restoring it. Apparently when you do that, it puts a custom image on your phone specifically for your IMEA number. Of course this only works after AT&T and Apple work together to create that custom image that gets downloaded during the restore.

When the restore was completed, there was no acknowledgement that it was unlocked. So I had to stop by the Tmobile store to try a micro sim card that they had to confirm it was. Now I have to cut my existing card into the micro size and get a micro to regular SIM adapter so I can keep using my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and iPhone using the same SIM card.

Thanks again for all your help.


@cengland0: No problem! Always happy to lend a hand to a fellow wooter.


Contact your service provider to get your Iphones unlocked. Or search it in