questionswould you want this massaging your back?


Oscar the Shiatsu? Cookie Masseur?

That's a crazy screw up!


Well, when the baby is done with the diapers, you could have a nice liquid shiatsu massage


you know how a lot of companies offer personalized product recommendations? it's like that, except we're just replacing your desired product with a completely different one.


@pemberducky: It's not a bug, it's a feature!


@pemberducky: We are sorry to hear that the order was received incorrect. Unfortunately, we no longer have the correct item in stock, so a full refund has been put in process back to your original payment method. You should see the refund back within the next 7-10 business days. You do not need to return the incorrect item back to us.

what i dont get is that they are in stock on moofi still?


@drsilentg: hmm.
i forwarded this along to knowledgeable souls. hopefully they can make it right.


@pemberducky: cheers! thank you very much!

*edit, i just got my refund, but im more interested in the item, so if i need to re-pay or whatever thats fine.


Why not just re-order from moofi?


@pemberducky: Sorry for the confusion. Yes, you can still purchase the item if it is available on Moofi, we are just unable to enter a replacement order. Once your new order is placed, reply back and we can apply the coupon and refund the $5.00 back to your payment method.

lets try this again. thanks for your help. reordering


@drsilentg: Quick! Everyone order a few so they sell out before drsilentg can get one! That'll learn 'em!


@bsmith1: nanannanaaboobooo! ordered 1 :)


@drsilentg enjoy your new diapers and massaging device.
(a sentence that sounds more depraved than intended...)


Just be happy what you received was new, not "refurbished."


@drsilentg: How much do you want for the diapers ? I still have 2 kids using them ...


@djbowman: they will likely go to a family member or close friend. got a few candidates with young pups runnin round


@xochiluvr: ok lost my drink on that one ... very good just the mental image of a refurbished diaper blows my mind!!!


given woots tendency to send out random things on occasion I get this image of being all excited thinking it was something cool and then being seriously let down that it was diapers.

While I realize mix-ups happen when did woot sell diapers did I miss that sale ?

Did yalls warehouses get mixed with Amazon now so maybe amazon put them in there ?


Sometimes sh1t happens. They will make it right.


Since the Amazon takeover, the things they know about you, even before you know, is scary. Based on your GF's searching habits, they're predicting a 'blue plus sign' in your near future.


@jsimsace: yeah, i got a refund and just reorderd, hopefully gettin a massager and not diapers this time :)

@sskarstad: nonnononoonooonoonnoonooooononononoooooooooooooo


@bsmith1: You misspelled "larn," as in, "that'll larn 'em!"



You know, I used refurbrished diapers as a child (they were called cloth diapers).


@djbowman: actually yes, if you pay attention to the shipping of some of your recent woots (last 6 months at least) not all the items are coming from woot HQ in texas, and are infact drop shipped items from one of amazon's warehouses. Plus side, my last few items arrived 2 days after ordering, normally within a few hours of wootbot emailing me my tracking number


most diapers eventually wind up with "shiatsu" in them anyway :P


@pemberducky: So, like, if I order the massager.....y'all might send me the Lexus that I really want in its place? Sahhhhweeeet!

Gold exterior with leather interior, please.


What's sorta funny is.....

I really was thinking about ordering this when it was first listed, then forgot about it til I saw this thread here. Just went back to look at it again....and expecting that I really would go ahead and get one....only to find it sold out. I've had really crappy luck for the past week. Need to learn to pull the trigger when I can rather than pondering on things, I suppose. Then again, I've saved a LOT of money by doing that recently, LOL.


@lexian: Last woot-off, I bought one of those art sets from Kids.woot.

It arrived at my door the next day, before the payment even went through! Talk about fast!


I'll take the diapers if you don't want them.
Baby due in Jan


yea, it looks like its straight out of star trek and I am waiting for the alien to break free of its stasis carrier.


Woot will correct this error! A similar thing happened to me; I ordered a 10" tablet, I got a 20-box of AA "super heavy duty" batteries. Took forever for the wrong product to get to me, so I emailed woot customer service and they sent me the tablet. Which took its sweet time getting to me.