questionscan you help me find a tablet?


Under $250. Android. and for your use...Nexus 7 8GB...order it from Google Play. $25.00 free credit to get Apps, books, etc.

No rear camera, no expandable storage, but you do not need it from the looks of things.


for the money i don't think you can do better than a acer iconia tablet, and you can even pick up a factory refurb. ( 7") for about $140. these are great tablets , dual core processor, camera and can handle anything you can throw at them


I agree with @morriea: The Nexus 7 comes with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor with a 12-core GPU.


They were just announced yesterday but Barnes & Noble have their new Nook Line coming out. The Nook HD+ Looks pretty neat, 9in Screen with 16 GB starts at 269 with expandable storage, it is priaraly a reading device and should be great for what you are looking to do. The 7in Nook HD starts at 199. Might at least be worth taking a look at.


There was an awesome deal for an Asus TF101 with dock yesterday for a VERY good price. Search fro that one. If i can find it and it's not expired I'll come back and link it.

EDIT Sorry it's already a RIP. Still I love the Asus. All of the transformers. they still get updated. if they can get upgraded, they do.


What about the kindle fire? We got my Mom one for her birthday and she loves it. You can get all the apps from the Android market, read and browse the web. It wasn't too pricey either.


You didn't mention what kind of Kindle you had, but if you had an ebook reader (e-ink) and if you use it primarily for reading, do you think you'd be happy with a tablet? The e-ink is the main reason I love my reader. Reading on a tablet would be like reading on my laptop - much harder on the eyes and the glare drives me crazy.


No batteries required. :-)


@90mcg112: And look at the 3 column app design and rounded edges apple invented.


Thanks everyone for the suggestions. (Except for 90mcg112, of course. :) I appreciate it very much. I used to be up on all the latest and greatest when it came to computers etc, but not so much anymore. I'll look into all the suggestions.

raijen, my Kindle was a gift a couple of years ago and I don't remember which one it was. After my experience with it, I'm not happy with Kindle and won't be buying another. (Not to mention that I prefer open source, anyway.) My first one had to be returned because the screen saver got burned into part of the screen so of course, I couldn't read my books.Then the same thing happened with this second one. And I've only had it since May.
I don't think I'll have a hard time reading on a tablet. I don't find it a strain and don't notice the glare.

Thanks again everyone.