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You are correct. The 23° tilt of the axis is the true reason for the seasons.
Precession (combined with an imprecise Gregorian calendar) is the reason the solstices and equinoxes don't happen exactly the same day each year.

I laughed when I saw this. Thank you.


I had a teacher tell me the reason the moon looks bigger when rising or setting is because the Earth's atmosphere acts as a magnifier. She was also serious. Maybe we had the same teacher?


I have heard that another important component is the Himalayan mountains (I think it is the Himalayan, it might actually be another mountain range). Without those, the air currents would fully spread over the Earth and the whole planet would be pretty much the same climate all the time. The mountains stop that air flow which keeps part of the planet warm and part cold. But, the axial tilt is also an important component. From what I have heard, without either one of these, there wouldn't be seasons.


@budrose: If my memory still works, the Earth is closer to the Sun during Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Don't know if this causes any differences in average seasonal temperatures between Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

@eraten: I remember reading about scientific evidence for this. Or maybe for the optical illusion. Not sure.


Perpetuation of urban myth is common.
e.g. legitimate rip.

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Everyone knows that the reason it's colder in the winter time is because this side of the sun isn't as hot. And snowflakes are the result of glaciers exploding from getting too cold. It's all simple common sense.


Nice graphic here demonstrating the varying distance between the Earth and the sun due to Earth's elliptical orbit:


Precession is also why you are not the zodiac sign you think you are...


You think that's funny?
I once had a teacher I could be anything I wanted to be! AND that I could do anything that I put to mind to!



Yes, Isn't that why the sun appears lower in the sky now.