questionswhat do you think about "gulpgate"?


When people start complaining about small insignificant things such as this, you know life must be great because there are no bigger issues to worry about.


He was thirsty... he just talked non stop for 10 minutes. What do people expect?
Personally I think the nation has a lot more troubles to deal with than a drink of water, maybe we should pay attention to the words of the speech rather than something so petty.


Why is this even a thing? I had to downvote the question, I apologize, but referring to it as "gulpgate" like it's some political scandal is really bothering me.


@eraten: Yeah, I totally agree. I don't get why the media is trying to make it “controversial”. He was drinking water as people do from time to time, not sure why they are trying to make a story out of it. It does seem pretty silly.


Good thing there was nothing happening right before the State of the Union that might be of interest to the world at large so our media can all focus on uncovering the reasons a guy was drinking water


Since he was drinking water, shouldn't it be called "Watergate"?


@nortonsark: That might lead to confusion since most people think of watergate as the door that controls the outflow through a dam.


@nortonsark @samstag : You would have to add a "2" or "II" after Watergate to be legit.


This will become his very own "Dean scream" and probably contribute to Rubio's future career stagnation.