questionswhens a good time to purchase a canon 60d or 7d…




The 60D is announced in 2010, and the 7D is announced 2009. Both are pretty capable cameras, it just depends on what your needs are and what you prefer more.

I'd watch out on for any news on the 60D and 7D replacements as this prices SHOULD go down if there is a successor to be announced.. which is pretty much likely now since they're pretty much almost outdated so it's definitely close for a refresh.. but they're typically announced around August.

If memory serves me right.. there was some rebates offered earlier this year around January I believe.. usually the best time to buy these cameras. But there should also be one later this year also I think... it's usually right before they announce things, they have rebates.

Good luck! Best place would be either Amazon, Calumet or B&H Photo to buy


If you buy at B&H, get the extended warranty. My wife's camera fell off the table & broke the lens mount. The warranty covered the damage - and paid for itself in that one incident.