questionshow safe are whiskey stones ?


I personally love my whiskey stones and I use them all the time. I use them in the "cold" way for whiskey (obviously). However I also heat them up and put them into my hot cocoa. I have never chipped a tooth on them or anything. As many comments have been made in the past, they are only used to cool down/heat up drinks only a couple of degrees. Putting them in my hot cocoa the stones can usually keep the heat for a while actually. In the end, I love them, I get great use out of them, but that's just me. Moving on :)


Pro, when we remember to use them :) However, when we do remember we have them, we use our sturdier old fashion glasses rather than the more delicate hand blown whiskey glasses.


i personally dont think you should chew them like regular ice


They're basically safe (don't try to chew them or throw them at the cat or dog).

Note however that water ice has a much higher specific heat and thus is way more effective in terms of actually chilling your whisky (or whiskey, if you prefer).

In fact, Buckyballs are mroe effective for chilling drinks. Buckycubes will also work, but since they fit together much more densely, there isn't much drink left in the glass when you use them and they are harder to clean.


@baqui63: Isn't there a slight issue if you accidentally swallow BuckyBalls?



More than slight, but only if you swallow more than one (or have already swallowed something magnetic). Regardless, definitely don't swallow the Buckyballs (this is harder to do since they tend to clump together).

Of course, swallowing a chunk of rock probably isn't all that good for you either (though they're larger and thus much harder to swallow).

BTW- You'd asked me about the 2008 Copa del Rey Merlot from 12/26/2011. I finally got it end of last week and opened a bottle with tonight's dinner. I'm not much for tasting notes and all (my palate is in remedial school), but it did not disappoint at all. I will say that I like their 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon a bit more (I had opened a cab on Sunday and finished it last night). This isn't a surprise to me though, since I tend to like cabs more than merlots.


I don't think there's much risk of chipping your teeth. They don't float like ice, so they just sit at the bottom of the glass so they aren't going to be knocking into your teeth while you drink.

Also, if you are using stones instead of ice, chances are you are using them with a whiskey you are going to be sipping, not gulping. So in the event a stone slides to the top of the glass, your lips will protect your teeth.


@baqui63: Hurray for posting that info about the Copa. I just might have to jump on a set if it comes up again during the woot off.