questionswhy doesn't woot put links to the comments on theā€¦


Don't quote me, but as long as I've remembered since moofi was habitually posted on deals by staff you could comment on the post in deals but not a comment section on moofi page. Or at least I think that might possibly be a reasonable enough answer, or it's all in your head. :)


@xarous: You got it. There's no discussion forum on moofi deals. If you have comments go to and search for the moofi deal listing. Thats where you'll find the discussion for that product.


A+ for @xarous & @nmchapma: Moofi runs on Deals. The discussion thread is on Deals as well.


OK, that's not really an answer - "Moofi runs on deals!".

You might as well say, "Moofi is a synergistic paradigm shift!"

But, whatever. Woot doesn't want to link Product Deal A to the conversation on Product Deal A, because "Moofi runs on deals!". Got it.


@joemarfice: "moofi runs on deals". "Deals" meaning Pretty much all moofi sales will have a posting. If they weren't listed on deals.woot, you wouldn't be able to find the sale page. The intent is for you to discuss the moofi sale on the deals.woot listing.
Could they add a link on the moofi page routing you back to the deals.woot listing? Probably, but couldn't you just hit your browser back button instead? (assuming you got to the moofi page from the deals.woot listing) How are you finding the moofi listings? Some sort of woot tracker?

To find the discussions for moofi deals, try this:


Another answer to your question is "they do, you're just missing something"., tech woot, home woot, tools woot, sport woot, accessories woot, kids woot, shirt woot, wine woot, and sellout woot (along with their extensive list of plus sales) all have a "join the discussion" link. As stated multiple times above, Moofi deals are different. They are ONLY advertised on the site and simply do not work the same way the other woot sites do. Just because you don't like the answer doesn't mean it isn't the right one.

And just for further clarification woot doesn't link the product deal to the product discussion on moofi deals because you had to pass through the product discussion to see the deal in the first place.


@bsmith1: Thank you for a reply that makes sense, without the jargon.

And, no, I don't get to a Moofi deal with some magical tracker. I get there by loading all the deals I want in new tabs, which therefore don't have the Back button activated (because the current page is their first page), so Back won't help.

Yeah, I can go find the original link page, look for the correct ad link, and find the Comments link, but it would be easier if it were just directly linked. Woot doesn't want to do this for some reason. OK.