questionswhat do you always forget when packing for a trip?


My legendary missed item? My camera. We were going to the beach for a week and to see the shuttle launch. Left the camera at home.
Now, I make a list and check it 6000 times.


Something different every time.


Never make the same mistake more than once. Like @samstag i forget something different each time. Worst was my coat when taking a winter trip to Chicago.


One year I forgot a toothbrush, which was easily remedied with a quick stop at a drugstore.

Another year I forgot shoes. I only had the flimsy flip flops that I wore to get through airport checks faster. That was pretty annoying because drugstores rarely have a large selection of shoes.


It's always something different. I went to the beach a few weeks ago, almost forgot to pack socks and underwear. Got ten minutes out before I realized I'd forgotten my phone charger.

I pretty much always manage to miss something. I've forgotten shampoo before.

One of these days I'm just going to end up leaving without my suitcase -.-


Shaving cream - all the flipping time when I do not check baggage. I use Aveno oatmeal shaving cream (free of dyes, scent, etc) so it does not come in travel size.


Shoes or boots. I always fly with slip on boat shoes and forget my nice work ones. Drives me nuts!


For me, its not usually forgetting to pack something for a trip, it's forgetting to pack it on the way home and having to replace it or have it shipped back.


Pillow most of the time.
I just never think of checking the bed before leaving then I kick myself later.


The worst is when you're camping and you can't just run to the store and grab what you need so we have our Almost Standard Camping List (yes, it's written just like that on the list).

For "regular" travel I have a bag packed at all times with duplicates of our normal grooming items, shampoo, toothbrush, etc. Just add clothes and your ready to go!


After years of forgetting things, I started making a checklist before going away. I find it particularly useful to make sure I don't forget to do non-packing related things like holding the newspaper/mail, turning off the water, turning down (or up) the thermostat, etc.


I'm a compulsive list maker, so I rarely forget anything important. The only things I am at risk of forgetting are things that I need to use on the morning of my flight and thus can't pack with the rest of my luggage. Like my toothpaste (I use Sensodyne, which supposedly comes in travel size but not that I've ever seen), favorite comb, face lotion. What I do is leave my suitcase partly unzipped and a post it on top to remind me of the last minute items. There have been a couple of times I was flying from a warm place to a warm place, and forgot that planes are often freezing and my friends like to keep the thermostat in the hotel room turned down so low the windows frost up, so I still need a jacket. But what I most often do is pack something into my checked luggage that I regret not having in my carry on during long layovers. Extra books, chargers, sunglasses so I can go outside and walk around.


Every now and then, I'll leave my phone in the car. Other than that, I can honestly say nothing but it took a year of traveling over 250k for work to get it down to a science. For me, a lot of it has to do with having a set for home and a duplicate set for travel that's always in my luggage and restocked/refilled when I get home.


I usually do pretty good about remembering stuff, but I always feel like I'm forgetting something. I'm a little OCD like that... I've been known to drive around the block to make sure I closed the garage door. (always closed)
When traveling, I try to run through my morning routine in my head while looking at the items in the suitcase. Basically, a practice run of what I'd need to get ready the next morning at the hotel.


the letter from my parole officer saying it's ok to cross the state line.

no1 no1

toothbrush. every single time.


Coincidentally, I am packing for my vacation tonight, so I am reading everyone's posts to see if there's anything I have left off my list. A few years ago my best friend forgot his passport that he needed for the cruise we were taking. Fortunately we were staying a few days at Universal Studios prior to the cruise so he had his house sitter overnight it to him. If we'd planned the cruise first, he'd have missed it.


Always a charger of some sort: phone, camera, laptop etc.


Chargers again ... I went to Prague with my wife and managed to forget our CAMERA charger. For some reason, there was not a charger for sale in all of Prague. The battery was a custom battery, not just some AA. So, what to do? Well, we managed to find the European model of our camera in a store there. Same camera basically, but different model number. They refused to charge the camera for us, which is understandable. So, we bought a duplicate. That was one very, very expensive "charger".


Pajamas. Then I forget to bring my toothbrush back home.


@moondrake: Hope you managed to remember everything. We're 24 hours in and haven't found anything we forgot yet...