questionsare your woot monkey's toys or collectables?


Some of my Woot monkey's are real toys that I shoot off, and giggle like a kid when they scream. Their little arms are stretched and the tabs are pulled out. Others are collected and hang out together with tabs and tags attached. I enjoy them all. The dogs don't get to play with the monkey's. Someday I may bring BG (Big Green) to work and launch him at an unsuspecting co-worker. Just to see what happens.


@faughtey: I want those monkeys. I missed them on sale, and I heard Doug Benson gave some away at some of his shows. Wouldn't mind having one myself.


I'm not sure which category "water-logged carcass in my yard" falls into.


i collect the outfits, and give the monkeys away unless its a special monkey like my favorite albino glow in the dark monkey.


Neither. I run a screaming monkey rescue and rehabilitation center. I purchase their freedom from woot and let them loose in the reserve, where they can live out their life in a stress free environment and they never have to scream (unless they want to).


I am creating an army for world domination.


I'm stocking up on them as replacement Christmas tree ornaments.

Speaking of monkeys...
...would anyone else, besides me, like for woot! to release a Mortimer & Monte Break Room playset (w/monkeys). I'd likely pay a respectable amount of money for that...and a "Goin' to Seattle" Jeep set with Mesmo & Murphy to complete the set would be pretty cool too.


Started off as collectibles. Then my kids found them. They're much more fun as tea party guests.


Oh heck, toys... my wife and I shoot them at each other.... good times, good times....


Buy 3. One is put aside and kept collectible. The other two are added to the arsenal.


Which category do car accessories fall in? One of my flame-caped monkeys is hanging from my rear-view mirror, and my big black is belted into my passenger seat. I need to remember to take my big green out and belt him in too.


One of my Woot monkeys is for cat discipline (they hate the noise).

My others are simply collectibles sitting in a box. My favorite one is my black caped, giant monkey. The monkey is huge.


Mine guards my CD and DVD collection while another one gaurds the backdoor to the house. Very useful!


They were amusing toys until my kids found them and started flinging them around the house. Repeatedly. The monkeys were screaming over and over and over again. I've hidden them now.


They just sit and look at me.


One has been reserved in my office, I named him "Friday Monkey" because on Friday he gets launched at unsuspecting co-workers.

The rest are in a box "collected", my wife isn't a fan.