questionsdo you purchase from cowboom?


I do. Got my Moto Photon, a Wii, and just last week a Samsung laptop, all from there. As long as you find a rating of 7 or higher, you can barely tell it was used. Plus, they offer return shipping if you don't like the item, hassle free. Has saved me over Flea Bay many times, and if you keep an eye on their Flash Sales or auctions, you can grab some great deals. Lastly, there are pics on most phones and some other items of the actual one you will be getting, and they have fast shipping. Nothing but good in my experience.


If it's cheap enough, it's still worth it. I buy used stuff from thrift shops all the time. Same applies to Cowboom ... yeah, I know I might not get the full life from the product, but if I'm paying significantly less, then it can still be worthwhile.

FWIW, my old top-loading washer was bought used from the Salvation Army. Paid $80 for it, and we donated back to the same store 8 years later (still working fine) when we upgraded to a front-loader.


I have never purchased from them, but have been close sometimes.

Be aware there is a big difference between refurbished and used. From what I have noticed Cowboom sells a lot of used items, not refurbished.


I once bought a game system from cowboom and had it die 37 days later (outside of the cowboom warranty). Won't do it again.


I've never purchased from Cowboom. The only refurb I've purchased is an iPad from, and I only did it because it came with a full 1 year warranty just like a new one would.


Just bought a 20" iMac from Cowboom. The price was a pittance of what it would've cost new. i'll take my chances to save the money. Tech stuff depreciates faster then cars which I buy used for the same reason. For many things buying used is the smart way to go.


Well over 100 times. Love the fact that I can just click on RMA button anytime within 30 days and they pay return shipping, no hassle. I rarely buy from the listed items, but I have. Usually I get stuff from their auctions. There are many NEW unopened items listed there. Some are actually open box returns (they are Best Buy).

A "5" is usually acceptable. They always overstate damage. They are just covering themselves. 4 is the lowest that I have ever seen and 8 is the highest (they are few and far between).


I've purchased a few things from them and have not had any issues.

Cowboom is owned by Best Buy. Most of the items they call used are what most stores would call "open box"; most are items that were purchased at Best Buy, used for up to 30 days and then returned. Since they've only been used for a short period of time, you're not likely to find any heavily worn items. Usually the "scratches and wear" means that there's a light scuff mark somewhere on the item. If you're the type that never gets a scratch on your devices, then you should probably avoid those. The items I've purchased were all rated a 7 and appeared new, other than the packaging.

These are the grades:

1 - Item is physically broken
2 - Item is cracked or dented
3 - Item has dents or dings
4 - Significant scratches or scuffs
5 - Some scratches and/or signs of use
6 - Some fine scratches or minor scuffs
7 - Overall good condition
8 - Almost new, minor signs of use
9 - Like new

Most items they sell are in the 5-7 range.


Yes, a couple of Blu-ray and MP3 Players.


I bought a HTC Flyer from them, but it was totally messed up. The screen registered random touches, resulting in random apps opened, closes, setting changes, and more. I had to return it. I would probably purchase from them again if there was something cheap enough however.


This is an odd question to ask on a Woot Forum. Woot sells tons of stuff that is refurb and we have all gotten stuff at times that was used. So What's the difference?

CowBoom ships stuff within 2 days via UPS (no snail mail) and if the item does not suit you, you can print out a label and return it for free.

Many people have scored items in way better shape than expected and other gotten newer models.

I just made my first purchase. Ipad 3 64GB 4G LTE $500 - Condition: 6 includes charger, cables, booklet.