questionscan someone find me a great deal on a metal pop…


what is a metal pop filter? i am definitely out of the loop on many things, so that would explain it, but what exactly are you asking for?


Does it... does it turn heavy metal into Pop music???


@w00tgurl: Yes, it's a musical/recording accessory. Eliminates the 'pop' from 'b's, 'p's, and other such wind-filled letters. Used with condenser and other high-sensitivity microphones.


@coolphilip04: Aha! Another one of those coded messages! Ya gotta know what's going on to know what's going on!

:::headed off to read The Big Book of Conspiracy Theories:::


Here are two good ones used in many studios.

If you want to support a smaller company, here is a one (I have not used it, but it gets good reviews):


@magic cave: Funny story about that book, they say if you read it on the surface of the moon there is extra writing at the end of each page that tells about the Kennedy assassination.


My Pop was pretty good at not using foul language around us kids. I mean, I'm sure a word slipped here or there. I think I would have been comfortable just asking him to not use those words though. I don't think I would have needed to buy a filter for my Pop, especially a metal one. That sounds a tad bit abusive.


@coolphilip04: ROFL! I needed that this evening; thanks!


@magic cave: No problems.

Everyone needs some extra crazy sometimes. I crave to provide that.