questionscan you help me find a good bag of coffee?


I love coffee but I am allergic to it so I rarely drink it. But I have heard that Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is very good. I brought some back for the office when I went to Jamaica and the coffee-philes were impressed. Anyway, here's the skinny on it:

These may be more expensive than you are looking for, though. I bought it a lot cheaper in Jamaica.


I prefer Dallmayr Prodomo - It's a German coffee and it is fairly smooth and not too dark. Definitely a medium body, and if you haven't tried it, it is certainly worth a try.

One of these days I'd like to try Kopi Luwak, but it's expensive, about it on Wikipedia at


Several people around the office like Tonx. This is by no means a statement on my employer's behalf, it's my personal opinion. I have sampled it and find it quite tasty. In general, just try and find something that was very recently roasted, and use it quickly (so don't buy two pounds if you aren't going to use it within a couple weeks).


@kainis: A foodie friend of mine saw a study where they did blind taste tests and people could not tell the post-Ccvet coffee from pre-civet coffee. The finding from the study is that the supposed superiority of this coffee is really a myth. Since there are more amino acids in the post-civet coffee, perhaps there is a taste difference for some people related to umami.


Is that a new euphemism for BOC?


I was surprised how much I liked dunken donuts coffee.


Freshest small estate coffees from around the world:


Our Aeropress has been making great coffee for 2 years now, and we take it everywhere because it has totally spoiled us. Generally we use the Costco brands - San Francisco Bay French Roast, Sumatra Blend & others as available. Occasionally some specialty coffee from one of the local roasters. I don't purchase 'flavored' coffee, but prefer to add my own extracts & flavorings by the cup.
Ultimately, 'good' coffee is what YOU like.


I buy Bean Coffee Company beans on Amazon. Cheaper than the beans in the grocery store, but you get organic and natural flavouring (if you like flavours). Usually runs me $22 for 2x 16oz bags of whole beans. I think they have ground coffee, too. I'd give you a link but apparently the apocalypse is happening and is giving my an Http/1.1 Service Unavailable error.


@mattschuette: Signed up for a free sample. Looking forward to trying it next week!

vote-for1vote-against ground and bean, cheap and free shipping.

I have a super espresso machine that grinds the beans as it makes your coffee and so I only buy whole bean coffee. How "good" a coffee is is often a matter of personal preference. My preference is a dark bold smooth roast. I am not a fan of medium roast citrus acidic coffee. So for me Black Knight is fabulous! I can get 5 lbs. for $38.50 (which qualifies for free shipping) and it is organic, fair trade and delicious. I am sure if your coffee preference is different than mine they would have a coffee to suit your desires. They have good customer support and fast shipping. You should give them a try!