questionswho saw les miz?


after being forced to read it in high school, I can't say I remembered the book as something I would want to go see in theaters, that being said I'm not really one for musicals especially ones based on archaic books.


I was overall pleased with the way it transferred to the screen. I found the movie really moving and thought that many of the changes (alternate lyrics, songs in different orders) were appropriate. And while it will never replace the stage version, it was nice to see scenes come to life on screen that were less convincing on stage.
Visually, it was quite stunning.

I thought the performances were very good; I didn't care for Russell Crowe's voice at first, but it grew on me, and I think he did a great job as Javert.

My main complaint is that huge chunks of some of the songs (most notably, an entire verse in Javert's final song) were hacked away.

People who are REALLY not into musicals or so ready to be defensive of the stage version that they'll tear the movie apart will probably not like it. I've been a Les Mis fan for most of my life, and I thought they did a really good job.


I agree the actors were great, the sets were breathtaking but this solidified the fact that I can not stand having the plot (or anything else for that matter) being constantly sung to me. I was quite frankly bored.


I thoroughly enjoyed it! I agree that Russell Crowe grew on me, I didn't think I was going to like him at the beginning, but I was quite pleased with his performance. I think of all of the actors I was only slightly dissappointed with Hugh Jackman...and he said a lot of the words rather than sing them and butcher them, so I appreciated that. I was surprisingly OK with the changes to the order and missing parts of the songs; some of that is due to the fact that the most recent stage production I saw also had fairly significant changes. My husband was also impressed and agreed that the visual scenes that they were able to achieve with a film were stunning and that they didn't go over the top and ruin it.


@mkdr: well even the broadwAy version cut out 15 minutes or so of content towards the end of its run--the show was constantly going passed 11pm and it was costing them a fortune in overtime!

But dropping that middle verse in javert's ------- was just... Ugh.


@curli76: Yeah, I thought that could have probably been left in, and they probably could have thrown in an intermission honestly.


@mkdr: Definitely could have used an intermission! But it's all about how many showings of a movie they can squeeze into a day, moviegoers' bladders be damned. My "intermission" was a bathroom break during "In My Life," because it's not one of my favorite songs.


Did anyone notice who the priest was played by?


I waited, because a friend wanted to go with me, but she couldn't get the time to go... So I'm going by my happy little self sometime this week.

@supersox: Well played... well...played.


Isn't The Miz someone on the WWE who was on The Real World?


@gigi889: According to IMDb Colm Wilkinson played the Bishop.


@gionot: Yup~ he played the original Jan ValJean (or however you spell it)