questionswhy is woot's rating so low?


Unfortunately, if I was to rate Woot's customer service it wouldn't be a good rating. Have you ever had to deal with their customer service department? On the rare occasion I have had to, it hasn't been pretty. Sloooow responses, and to be honest the first time I dealt with Woot's customer service the guy that "helped" me was a complete a$$.

I love deals.woot, and I enjoy the deals I get on Woot. But the customer service department? Yeah... not so great.


Better question: Why doesn't woot participate at ResellerRatings?

"Woot! currently does NOT actively participate at ResellerRatings to monitor feedback and resolve your issues."


Although I love Woot! I had a very bad experience with a transaction about a month ago. I do not know if I could give a great review because of the way I was treated. I just felt that my issue was not even attempted to be resolved, just cancelled because I was a nuisance. I'ts experiences like this that end up on ResellerRatings, not all the great Woots I had before it. I have never gone on ResellerRatings so I do not know what is being said but I would not be surprised if people had the same issue I did.


@tarasadies: And yet you've got 100+ woots! You keep coming back for SOME reason! Customer service is ONE ranking out of several! You have to give them 5 stars for price! And even though shipping is slow, it's $5! Flat rate! That deserves high marks as well! They tell you up front they don't take returns, and out of 172 woots, I've never had an item that was broken or defective, so I can't speak to that.


@jsoko: They do not participate in resolving issues mentioned on another site because woot has their own methods for resolving issues. You can email customer service or you can fill out their form that's online.


As for me, I would rate Woot very high in customer service. I have heard about massive problems only to later find out that woot was already aware of the problem was was fixing it for everyone automatically.

I had one problem with a shirt print being crooked and I sent a picture of it to customer service and they refunded my money and let me keep the shirt. Other than that one issue, everything has always been excellent. Never received a single defective item.

Of course I know that woot doesn't accept returns so I'm not going to buy something with the expectations of being able to return it later if I don't like it. I wouldn't do that with most stores that do accept returns anyway.

It would be nice to have a phone number to call so I can get immediate satisfaction if I have a problem but I really don't mind the email method. It may take a day or two to get it resolved but it will usually get resolved.


@tcayer: I just gave them my 5 star review. I wonder if someone is going to be suspicious when they see hundreds of reviews coming in the same day.


I looked over a few of the poor ratings, and it seems some dislike the fact shipping is slow, CS responds slowly, and there is no phone number to call. There is at least one person who says they have used Woot for years, but then give a 1 star review because of a single bad situation.

And, I think that is also a reason. Most people don't go out of their way to compliment, but will to complain. I think there a saying: that if someone is happy they will tell 10 people, but if they are unhappy they will tell 100. Some of that is probably in play here.


Typically people don't bother to give a review unless they are unhappy. Think of all the millions of transactions that have happened in the history of WOOT yet only 208 people have bothered to write a review.

Reseller Ratings is a fee based service for merchants which may be one of the reasons WOOT doesn't participate.


@ohcheri: I agree, but look at the ratings on Amazon. There are a lot of good reviews as well.

Maybe it's just me, but I have never heard of this website before. Granted, I'm not a hardcore Wooter, like some of you. That might play a part in why only a few people have voted on it.


@craigster38: I think Amazon actually requests ratings via email after making a purchase? Because this will encourage people to leave a rating who otherwise may not bother.


I am here for the community as of late.. The prices/inventory has not really impressed me like the old Woot I remember, but that is a whole different topic...

As far as my past experiences, some have been good, some have been bad. For instance: My Ugly Sweater Shirt from last year arrived 2 weeks AFTER Christmas. After it was late I e-mailed customer service and asked what the deal was, and apparently; while my order was in the system, it never made it to the shipping department. So I got a shirt 2 weeks after I needed it. The only thing I got for my troubles was a comment: "At least you can wear it next year"

Another was the bacon spread. Mine arrived damaged and the bacon spread was everywhere in the box (very greasy). When I e-mailed customer service they said they would refund me, and nothing happened.. I had to hit them up again to get the refund to go through as they forgot to initialize it.

Sorry to say, Woots customer service isn't A+/5-star.

But I still lurk around!


Like most, I don't post reviews when I'm happy. Dailysteals ripped me off for almost $200, then had the nerve to email me and ask for a rating on I blasted them, and in less than an hour, had an email from a manager offering to resolve my situation. Of, course that was all smoke, because they never did, (see my other post,) but I got my money back from Mastercard. I understand the need to vent when you get a bad deal, my point is, we should be more vigilant about complimenting sellers when things go good. Even those above who had one really bad experience, should be fair about the numerous that weren't bad!


@ohcheri: Amazon does encourage ratings, and these ratings are remarkably useless. If you give a bad rating, you will then get a response from the vendor who will fix everything, and beg you to change the rating. Sometimes they will even foolishly attempt to tie the fix to your changed review (I report that behavior right away). You can believe most of the reviews for amazon products (most, not all), but I don't have much faith in the store reviews, after having twice been pressured to change a review.

I've monitored storefronts out of curiosity, and seen bad reviews upgraded, and I believe it's a common practice.

I buy from a very small percentage of Amazon storefronts, and I always verify them outside Amazon first. I didn't used to, but it's really necessary.

[Edit] I also want to point out that reseller ages out the reviews, over time.


@tcayer: A package arriving isn't something I call a 'feat'. It is what is expected of any company who sells items online. It's like leaving a waiter an amazing tip for bringing your food out to you. (Whether it was good/friendly service or if it wasn't).. You still got your food (hopefully)!

All people have to go on is when they actually have to contact customer support to resolve an issue, or when a company goes above and beyond...


While I'm thinking about it, I want to note that Woot's reseller ratings used to be decent. Not wonderful, but better than average. Yeah, people complain more easily than compliment, but there are some vendors on reseller ratings that don't participate, and yet have decent ratings.

Reseller ratings is not the only data I'd pay attention to, but it's still meaningful.


Note that the lifetime rating on that site for Woot is 6.47/10. It is recently that it has gone downhill- the 6-month rating is only 2.19/10.


i think the staff who answer questions on the items being sold are pretty bad. i thought it was my browser, or i was just paranoid...but today i've confirmed my inclinations that they are pretty much removing posts they deem unsightly without giving any explanation. i thought we were all adults here, lolol.

but the CS wasn't half bad. the only time i had to deal with CS was when i ordered a shirt SM and they sent me a MD. i emailed CS and within half a day some guy shot back an email saying they'll send me the correct one, and apologized for the delay (as in, shipping, since i had to wait).

but the SM they sent came like, in 2 or 3 days (i forget exactly) and i was even told not to send back the MD. no problems here with the actual vending, just the overly trained "monitors" lurking around on these boards :)


@rhycochet: I can personally attest to this: I saw a deal posted by a staff member, someone posted a comment stating "this is cheaper here: (and linked.)" The mod removed the link from the comment, and said "Why don't you post your own deal?" But left the comment. Of course they didn't post a deal, so I pointed out "Now everyone knows it's cheaper somewhere else, but not where!" The mod deleted my comment. Then I got in a flame war, joined by others, about the hypocrisy of censoring comments about deals better than the one posted. Our comments were quickly removed and no explanation given...(See if this one stays!)