questionsdid anyone get a boc from the woot plus fila…


The one that is sold out is the one at the bottom of the page in plain sight so I think that was it. Also all the others have sales stats except that one. Unless I'm missing something.


That's what I was thinking earlier but I was pretty much here when this thing launched and there has been no chatter anywhere on Woot about it. However though, the shirt is now available and I was first sucker so at least I got something out of the deal.


yet another BOC I didn't get


If you mouse over every picture on the site, it reads out " There's cool. No hidden BOC in plain sight among these many polo shirts. See?"


@simmp5: They adjusted the message a little while after the sale came up.


No, I didn't get one and I really wish you hadn't pointed it out because now I haz a sad. :(


@ki4rxm: what did it say before that?


Still no one claiming to have gotten a BOC. Did anyone catch the original wording of the tooltips?Hmmmmm....


You would have to think if someone bagged one, they would have ran over here and posted it. If they didn't than shame on them! Ugh..... I may never score a BOC.


@jimmyd103: I'm also waiting for someone to come in and gloat. :::walks off grumbling:::


So maybe they're saving it for today? They've already done a random BOC on FB.