questionsmay i take a moment to wish you all a happy…


One of the cats my late husband and I adopted was given to us by a young girl walking down the block. I was outside; she asked if I'd like a kitten. I smiled & said, we already have 5.

She then told me a sad story about how she had to find him a home. Her father would drop it off in a mall parking lot, 'like he did before w/another one.' She couldn't keep him. Of course, he became our 6th cat!

This darling kitten was white w/black markings; similar to pic 3. His 'heart' was smaller, but clear. She said his name was Cody; short for heart in Spanish. (Heart in Spanish is corazon.) It sounded plausible, and maybe I misunderstood her - the name she gave him may have been Cory. If that's true, I'm sad. Poor Cody had his name mispronounced for the rest of his life.

Cody was a doll! Playful, friendly and a lover. Still miss him... My funny Valentine.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope your day has been filled w/love and happiness!!


When did Valentine's day go from a lover's day to a day when everyone wishes me to have a happy one?
Also no thank you flower advertisers, I will never be buying my sister a Valentine's gift.