questionsdid apple get hacked?


Hmm, thats strange, just checked and my accounts fine.


I'm fairly certain I personally didn't get hacked, but some of the people in these threads also had their address changed.

It looks like there are a few more sources talking about this than when I first started searching for answers, which also leads me to believe it wasn't a hack, just poor design:

What I find really strange (and frustrating) is that there is no way to change the answers. Does Apple presume to know more about me than me?


Have you spoken to your local Geniuses? Maybe they could perform a quickening.


I had the same experience late last year. Bought Ipad2 had an apple ID that had worked for years with my wife's ipod...2 days later, her iTunes said "Welcome, Mike" and our password didn't work anymore. Three weeks of calling apple support, being on hold and finally working with a supervisor to reclaim my account. Thank god we didn't have any payment info tied to the account. The only reason I was able to get the password reset and back to my control was that whoever hacked account didn't change the street address associated with it. My theory...we orded Ipad online and had it shipped...our Apple ID had a lame password (char on South Park) and someone did a dictionary attack on it. Maybe apple should stop plastering the Apple ID of whoever orders ipads on the shipping label...dipsh(*$ts.


My account got hacked a few months back. Someone made a purchase on an unauthorized device, but they let it go through anyways.
Took almost a month of back and forth with Apple, but I finally got my money back and my account re enabled.


I can't find the news article any more, but BBC released an article explaining in detail a virus (Flashback) directed towards Apple OS.

I'm sure you can google Flashback under news for more detailed information on the virus.


My account's fine, changed the password anyway for good measure.


@midga59: This is a serious issue. It may require the Toran Ra.


Mine seems fine. I guess it's just some people?