questionsdoes your pet have a theme song?


I have a squirrel named Perry (aka Agent P). Her song is Love machine. Yes, Love Machine. Don't judge.


My cat Harley (all black with orange/brown eyes), the James Bond Theme Song. That cat is super crafty and sneaky. And, he has the creepiest stare, so the song just fits him.

My cat Sapphire (non-pure-bred Siamese) is definitely Bossy by Kelis. She's the boss, and has been since she walked into my room, over the 3 older boys, that were all at least twice her size when she entered as a kitten.

My dog Fudge (RIP, black lab/golden retriever cross), Be There by Nick Granato. This had to be the happiest, loviest dog I've ever known. She could make even the bleakest day better. In fact, the video I made in her memory uses this song.

My cat Sambuca (brown tabby), Summer Sun, Koop Ft Yukimi Nagano. It's a nice jazzy tune, and I just can't help but think about his laid back, super loving personality when I hear it.

Lastly, Mickey Blue Eyes (all white cat with blue eyes) Fruitcakes by Jimmy Buffett, because, well, he's just a fruitcake. He's crazy!


Current mutt, Tibetan Terrier and Beagle cross(we think) lives to Yakety Sax. Always something going on somewhere, acts a lot like our late Jack Russell.


I have a French Bulldog puppy with the call name of Saffron. Her full name is a long word, sung to the Mary Poppins song: SuperSaffronCoproPhagicExtremeHalitosis. If you know anything about Frenchies, they have a tendancy to eat poop.


The Intern's theme song is a funeral march (or the Jaws theme, it switches off). I hear it in my head whenever she goes into Siamese crazy mode.


I can't believe I'm admitting that my cat's song is the "Mine Song," from Lazytown. For those of you not familiar, Lazytown is a crazy-ass, possibly drug-inspired kids' show from Iceland (I think) that little kids seem to just loooooove.

"The floor and the ceiling are mine, and all of your feelings are mine . . . "


shumai - my enormous cat with human hands - is a man:
(nsfw mebe?)


The closest thing we have is "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin movie. Mostly because we'll pick the cat up and hoist it above our heads and sing the song to the kitteh. The cat loves it and looks around trying to take it all in from the new, higher perspective. We'll walk the kitteh around the house as if it's on a magic carpet. If a cat suddenly sees the world from 7 feet off the ground, it's truly a whole new world for the kitteh. 2 of the 3 kitties like to be held upside down while they fly around for some reason...
Anything else is pretty much made-up songs consisting of the kitties' names.


@inkycatz: You have a Siamese? They are fun, aren't they. My mom and I both have non-pure bred blue-points (they look like Siamese), but were born of mixed ancestry. My mom got her cat Smokey from the neighbors after their house was on fire, and they couldn't find the mother cat or this kitten. (They found her the next day, and didn't want her, only the black kittens). Mine was born under someones porch. She was so feral when I got her at 12 weeks old, that when she was put in the carrier, she slammed her nose against the metal door so much, she ended up with a bloody nose. I went out the next day and got her a soft-sided carrier. She's a total mush now though...when she's not going insane!

My moms cat has a theme song I made up just for her, hehe! All because I caught her eating broccoli once.


@baybei: Yep. Although I suspect she's technically a Snowshoe (which is a type of Siamese, so close enough).


@bsmith1: If I could upvote this a million times for how cute it is, I would. =^.^=