questionswhat's a good record player i can get nowadays?


More specific price range?

If really all you want to do is play records, you can find workable players as cheap as $40 or so... but obviously it can go way up to over $1000.

This is a good, reasonably-priced player:


All depends on what your rent is. :)

I have this one and love it:

Also, Thorens has always made good turntables.

As for the old turntable, if it's belt driven, it may need a new one or maybe the belt came loose during your trip.


It completely depends on your budget. I would not go anywhere below a few hundred dollars.

At least a Rega RP1.

Or a MusicHall 2.2.

I personally use a Mitchell Gyrodec with modified SME arms and Koetsu cartridges. But since you are on Woot, I think you may not be looking at that price level (total about $8k, without the phono amp).


A wonderful site to look at also is the NeedleDoctor:

Hope this helps.


Ha! Wouch! I thought I was kidding when I said 'less than rent,' I guess I know even less about these things than I thought.

So, having originally hoped to spend <$100, I am suddenly:

1) inclined to look once more into resetting the belt that's flopping around in there (I think you were right, Lou, the belt is loose, I just couldn't figure out where it was supposed to be in the first place) and see if it still works after all, and

2) curious what all the hub-bub is about. What makes a record player and its century old technology worth so many hundreds or thousands of dollars? What happens if I get a $50 Ion table vs a $170,000 (srsly?) Clearaudio Statement?


Get some tec12's. If you don't pay downtown manhattan rent then im sorry im of no use :P

But actually, you should be looking on craigslist, its far better to get a good old one than a junk new one, since with care they will last forever. I have an older numark that seems to work well for every day messing around and light mix and scratch stuff.

Also, focus less on the TT and more on the cartridge and needle, IMO these make more of the difference in terms of quality.


+1 on the technics 1200. Get a used one off craigslist, and don't bother about the newer MK5's, get a MK2.

not only is it the best all around turntable, people who know will think you're cool when they see it. I have 2 that are 20+ years old, and they were used when I got them... they will not leave my possession until I am dead & buried.


@deraj828: Fidelity. I can say that since I have written for an audio magazine and listened to tons of these equipment, including turntables.

If any one thinks that a $50 or even $400 turntable can produce even remotely the sound of a Gyrodec, either you are tone deaf or just mostly deaf. The difference is in the engineering precision; but the higher you go, the more you also need to know about HOW to use these turntables. A misaligned Gyrodec would not perform optimally either.

The $170k Clearaudio is a bit of an overkill; and it is diminishing return as you up in terms of marginal benefit at that price range. The big jump happens at around $1-2k (full setup). But you would definitely hear a lot more detail, a more pleasant reproduction through even the two I mentioned above, compared to the Technics and Ion etc. Those are mostly just noise to my ears. I can completely, and easily justify the cost of my Gyrodec. Any one who heard it believed it.


Also, don't buy "brands", as in going with brand name. Someone mentioned above that "Thorens" has always made good turntables. Well, some of the Thorens, yes, but certainly not at all price point.

I see, however, that you are looking at very low-end stuff; and that I can't help you much. Sorry...


Here's a great turntable under $100. The nice part is that it comes ready to hookup to a PC to rip to mp3 files.

I have one myself and it's great.

Understand, when you start talking turntables it's one of the hot topics among audiophiles. You will have all kinds of people who devote large amounts of time and money futzing over their audio rigs. Which is great, I'm not knocking them.

But if you just want something to hook up so you can listen to records, don't spend a bunch of money. There's plenty of low-dollar stuff out there that will do just want you want.