questionswhat's the best $20 you ever spent?


Easy..... One word. Philippines!


Spent $20 on blackjack and walked away with a lot more


i used $20 to buy a giant bag of peanuts. the peanuts were use to befriend an elephant. the befriended elephant was used to haul lumber. the lumber used to build a catapult. the catapult was traded to 10 lbs of reeses pieces. the reeses pieces were used to lure an alien into a trap. the alien was used to create faster than light travel. the FTL was used to create a temporal paradox. the paradox was used to confuse a bank teller. the bank teller's confusion was used to get $20. the $20 was used to buy a giant bag of peanuts ...


I had a (I guess you could call him) friend that used to want to hang out all the time. He was quite annoying and would hound you if you didn't hang out until you went just so he would shut up. He borrowed $20 from me, and I never saw him again.

Best $20 I've spent EVER


@iggz: I spent multiple $20's and walked away with NOTHING

As for the real question, that is a really tough one. I am thinking on it.


@mikeviani: You forgot the word Private

@klozitshoper: Sucks for you, I never lose to the house at blackjack


i swear to dirt i was going to ask this question....then i couldn't narrow it down myself - so didn't - now i'm REALLY trying to figure it out, there are SO many!!


I only paid $10 to see Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Chevelle, Sevendust last fall.
The other $10 is for this year. Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Crossfade, P.O.D.

Gotta love cheap concerts.


Just bought a like new, all leather, vintage Liz Claiborne satchel bag, that looks just like a high end Dooney & Burke, for $20 on eBay.


Hot Topic's clearance clearance. Leather brand name wallets w/ chains: $2.50 (I sold for $8.50 and $11.99 and kept one for myself (Its got the original NES Link on it). 2.99 shirts (good ones) sold for $7.00 each. Suspenders: $1.50, I kept one and sold the rest for $3.00 each. Defiantly not the biggest profit, but you had to see the store clerks face when I plopped the merchandise on the counter, flashed my coupons, and score that haul. That day a Hot Topic employee showed emotion, something I would never see from an employee from that place ever again.


The $20 I spent to change my number so my ex could not call me anymore