questionsanyone heard (or care) about the new daft punkā€¦


The single is great. I hope the rest of the album is up to par!


The full album has been leaked but will release on 5/21 (tuesday).
It's very mellow with hardly any synth besides the voices. Most songs have funk tones. If you like the fast paced robotic repetition of their other albums, this may not be your cup of tea. Overall I liked it... but not as a Daft Punk album.
Get Lucky is my favorite song after listening to them all.

What I can't wait for is Queens of the Stone Age "...Like Clockwork" (6/4 release).
They have been releasing parts of songs with animation. Now up to 3, as of today.
Warning : Bloody gore


Yes I have been listening to it all day! I streamed it from groove shark and already have a pre order for the CD :D. I am in love with the album! It's got a really good style to it and I hope it makes waves in the electronic music community. It kind reminds me of Discovery (style wise).


@skippykj: It's not a leak - they released the album via stream on itunes to help avoid the huge piracy wave. You can read about it online


@hirshy: Oooh can you link grooveshark? I can't find the album on there!

Can you link the article about avoiding the piracy wave too? Reminds me of the pay-what-you-want thing that Radiohead did years ago.


Glad to hear you guys like it! @pulsetv: I just checked and it seems that the grooveshark link has been taken down as well as most of the other streams, but it sounds like you should be able to stream it from itunes for free.


@dows: I don't itunes :(. Guess I'll just wait for the album to be released!


I've been streaming it on iTunes. It's pretty good. Different with more of a 70's vibe to it. It's definitely not the same old, same old.


I'm really enjoying the new album. Love that they changed up their sound because of how redundant a lot of electronic music has become. Real instruments really make a difference in the sound of the album.


Sorry for downvoting! I must've accidentally pressed it when scrolling through the questions. Now that I've noticed it's too late to take it back. Maybe woot can fix it.


I like it. I did torrent it, but I plan on buying it soon when I get some money. Solid album. Got a 70's feel to it to me too.