questionsdo you ever not buy something you do need becauseā€¦


My little decision list applies here too.

- Do I have the money for it? Yes, next question. No, forget about it.
- Do I desperately need it? Yes, buy it now. No, next question.
- How good of a deal is it? Very good, buy it now. OK deal, next question.
- How likely will this deal show up again? Not likely, buy it now. Very likely, next question.
- Do I really need this? Yes, buy it now. No, wait for the next time.

The key aspect is whether I really need it. If the answer is yes, then what's your choice other than to pay for it? Just last week, I bought a clutch fork from the dealer for full price. Could I have gotten it cheaper online? Yes. Would it be worth waiting two weeks for it to arrive, just to save $20? No.


If it's something that I know regularly goes on sale and is not currently on sale, I will wait to buy it.


Depends on your definition of "need." If you really need something, then you can't wait for it to be on sale. If you can wait, then you probably desire it more than need it.


Most definitely! I always have to "research" before buying to make sure it's really a "deal"!


Sure do. Even if it is a good deal if I feel shipping is over priced I'll hold off. I'm willing to pay a little more to get cheaper shipping. Some items just aren't worth the money to ship (here's looking at you ThinkGeek).


(Sigh) Yes. Afraid so. Not every item, especially if I really need it and need it in a hurry, but large items I certainly wait on. Sometimes I spend so much time on research and waiting that the "need" goes away. Sometimes I'm lucky and a sale pops up. If I'm shopping locally, there are some stores (Hobby Lobby, for example) that rotate sales so quickly that I never pay regular price there because I know it will be on sale in another week or two.


I try to buy everything at a discount.

For example, I buy pasta, canned goods and other groceries that will keep for a long time pretty much only when on sale (my friends see my store in the basement and ask if I'm preparing for Y3K). For stuff that won't keep (milk, fresh meat and fish) I look for sales but will buy at full price or do without.

I also tend to avoid things that I can do for less money, especially when I can do it better for less money (eg. coffee, which I actually like preparing fresh).

As for other things, TV's computers, etc. I rarely buy without a discount.


@narfcake: I think I might print up your checklist...I really like that.


@stupimlico: For the full effect, do it as a flow chart.


Good checklist, for sure. I have a built in "wait an hour" before purchasing that usually serves the same purpose. When I see something I want, I set the timer on my phone or computer for an hour. When it goes off, that immediate rush I get from buying is gone and I can better rationalize the purchase. Whew! Shopping at Woot is hard work for my psyche.


When I was much younger, working at night for $5 per hour, caring for an infant during the day, trying to keep an old car and old house from falling apart - and I do remember it all very well - I watched every single penny I spent. If something was not dirt cheap, I did not buy it. Funny this question is here today, because just a couple of days ago I was in a major dept. store looking at a handbag I liked. I thought, thought, and thought about it during my trip around the store, wondering when and how I could find it on sale, and honestly, it simply dawned on me and stopped me in my tracks so to speak - hey, I can afford that and I don't need to find it on sale. The shopper in me who always wants a deal prevailed.


@klozitshoper: I completely relate. As newlyweds on a VERY tight budget, our Friday night "out" consisted of trips through a big-box store, filling up a cart with everything we wanted. When we had navigated the entire store, we surveyed our cart, then went back through the store in reverse, placing nearly everything back and keeping only what was absolutely necessary. Today we took a "quick" trip to Conn's to see what was in their advertised sale (some stores are closing). We ended up shopping from 9:30 -nearly 3:00. Major discounts on so many things that needed replacing at our house (soon, if not immediately). New appliances still in their boxes, mildly scratched items we wouldn't have bought at regular price, etc. Every time we started to leave another truckload would show up and we just had to wait for it to be unloaded so we could find more bargains. Technically we could probably splurge sometimes and pay full price, but why should we? Wooters would be proud of my bargains!


All the time and the opposite is also true. I often buy things that I don't really need because it is such a good deal. I suspect that is why I am so addicted to Woot.