questionscan you please help me with a mother's day gift?


@hoofu: While we are waiting for the response to price range, please also tell us what you've done that was successful, and what you've done that was less so.


@hoofu: One of my most favorite gifts was a 100 foot, heavy gauge, extension cord, in yellow (I am known to love yellow) from my daughter a few years ago. I don't know if it was mother's day or not, but it was a GREAT gift. My own mother was very difficult to buy for. One year I gave her a card that said a donation had been made in her name to the local women's shelter. That may have been my best gift, and it brought tears to her eyes.

Often my daughter just calls; that's plenty for me.

[Edit] I just returned from my favorite store with a canning item I didn't even know I needed until I saw it. It's a jar tightener, so that you can make sure the lids are tight when the jars have just come out of the hot water (or pressure cooker), without juggling hot pads, or burning yourself.


If you're a guy, take her out to eat by yourself and spend a couple hours there. As a mom, I have one son that takes me out by himself and it's so great to spend time with just him. The other one, his wife always goes, too, not nearly as good. This may work the same as a girl, but I've noticed that generally speaking girls spend more times with their moms than guys do.


@pooflady: Just for you, since I'm so very sad about all the other changes made on Deals this evening, I thought I'd share something my mother used to say (and I say it myself, now, to my own daughter).

A son's a son till he takes a wife,
But a daughter's a daughter, all her life.

I really miss my mother.


On the cooking & baking front, I recommend silicone baking mats and a non-stick rolling pin. I love my silpats and have asked my sons to get the rolling pin.
I have a marble pin that is just too heavy for me anymore, but still perfect for intruders.


Have to agree with @klutzyruth on the silicone baking mats. I love mine. I actually asked my kids to clean my house from top to bottom before Sunday so that on Sunday I don't have any chores to do. But if that doesn't work for you, maybe a kitchen gadget that she doesn't have? If she has a kitchenaid, maybe the ice-cream maker attachment or the pasta plates (which I have and love, love, love). Or cook for her. A simple meal of salad, grilled chicken or steak, and some sort of pasta or potato would work.


@lavikinga: Well my mother doesn't want me to really buy anything or spend money on her but I would have to say my range would be $150 max?

@shrdlu: Last year I got her a new LCD monitor to replace her CRT and the year before was one of those cake displays. Those were successful while clothing was not.

@pooflady: I am a girl. :)

@klutzyruth Thanks for the suggestion. Do you know if Amazon has any good ones? I don't have any experience with silicone baking mats or rolling pins.

I would prefer to shop on Amazon since I have prime but if it's available in stores like Walmart or Target then that's fine too.


@klutzyruth: For that matter, there are tons of baking items in silicone nowdays that probably fall into the "cool to have" as well as the "don't have one" categories.

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@hoofu: This is the pin I requested. It's at Target.
Amazon has it too. I only asked for this one because it would be easy for my guys to find. They are not too big on shopping.

On the silicone mats - @flyinggirl showed the same ones that I have.
What I suggest is - get a measure tape and ninja your way into the kitchen & check the sizes of whatever baking sheet/pan that Mom uses.
Won't do any good to get a 11x16 mat if her pans are 9x13.


@hlx: Right, but most silicone bakeware is crap. Too flimsy. Then there's the fact that most baked goods won't get that lovely brown crust.

With the mats, you can do more that just get cookies to slide off the pan.
They're great for toffees and brittles.

I tend to buy the new, hot kitchen gadgets without thinking of how I can use them.
Or if I will use them. lol


The following isn't ANY of the items you mentioned, but it IS a gift for any occasion, and would mean a lot more especially on Mother's Day or her birthday. I don't know if you're married, with or without children of your own, if you have any brothers and sisters, etc. (you'll see why I'm mentioning that soon), but I gave the following gift to my aunt (and uncle) many years ago.

Okay, no more suspense. I bought a collage picture frame (with a VERY nice wood border and dividers and holds around 15 pics), and filled it with memorable moments in her and her family members' lives. My beloved uncle passed away 12 years ago, but she treasures that gift to this day. I know, as a few pics of their 25th anniversary are in it, and it's always been on permanent display. Yummy baked gifts and green tea are delicious but don't last, while a personal gift that you put a lot of love into will last forever.

She even made a few of her own after that. Go figure.

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maybe a chumby device? For looking up recipes or listening to music in the kitchen...

one of those seltzer makers, I think sodastream is one one brand.