questionswhich online company/site do you dislike the most?


My dislike is any social media site. Useless in my opinion, and as far as I'm concerned, it's the only one that counts. :)

Why would you take time to update someone on what's happening in your life that you won't take the time to call and talk to and may not have talked with in years?

I have 3 daughter-in-laws; two are addicted to facespace and I see their lives/family suffer because of it. I watched one have a melt down one day because her i-phone wasn't letting her update her page for some reason and she just went nuts. I'm not certain there's enough medication to fix that.

And these two fine examples aren't the only ones I've seen.


Could you tattle on your question and have "comapnies" replaced with "companies"? It's bugging the crap out of me so I can't answer yet. If you do and I look even more stupid than I am, then so be it but DEARGODINHEAVENITSKILLINGMEEVERYTIMEILOOKATITICANTLOOKANYMORE-----


I'm sick of hearing about people's "tweets". I'm sick of hearing about how many "re-tweets" something has. I don't care how many "followers" someone has. I'm sick of hearing about a "tweet" then an apology to that "tweet". And, I'm sick of hearing people say "hash tag".

So, I guess I dislike Twitter the most. And, I don't even use it or read it!


It's a tossup between facebook & twitter. I wouldn't care at all--I have no use for either--but folks I know regularly email me with the "follow me on..." links. Ick. Ditto with blogs in general. When it comes to blogs, I tell everyone the same thing: "Sorry, but if I read yours, I'd have to read everyone's or someone would get pissed that I read so-and-so's and not his/hers, so I read no one's."



I personally hate Redubble, cause they have such awesome shirts all the time, but charge you an arm and a leg.

Electronic Arts (EA), because they're evil.

Also Bing.


@pamfenway: I do like blogs. I like blogs by people who know how to do something I don't, for example cook gluten free, and post recipes and instructions on how to do things.
People I know usually are not good at this and are just posting things about their lives, like facebook/twitter only more wordy. Those, I don't read!


(disclaimer: tongue in cheek) WOOT....makes me stay here too long!


I hate Woot, let's be honest here. I'm broke, I don't have lots of money, but then I have these awesome items (that I don't even need) shoved in my face, and my brain shuts off and I buy them.

Deals.Woot is worse...much worse...(as the stuff is usually so cheap)

oh, and I agree, Bing needs to crawl in a hole and die, I know noone that uses it by choice.


PayPal - they have far too much control over people's personal finances. To the point of holding payments for months on end when a seller has done nothing they can prove to be out of their TOS. I think that if they are going to have the power of a bank, they should be monitored like a bank./rant


@chellemonkey: I totally agree with you on the "how to" stuff. I have greatly benefited by folks sharing their experience on all manner of things. Indeed, I think that's one of my favorite things about the Internet--that folks share their expertise w/ the whole world. I meant only the sort of blogs where folks share their feelings, if you follow me.


@thumperchick: I have been on ebay since 1998 and I was with paypal before ebay bought them. Both companies hold too much control over the way you sell and collect your money. Per thier rules, you can only pay with Paypal or a Credit card. I know people still ask for Money Orders, but both companies frown upon it. Both of thier customer service departments are hard to deal with sometimes, ebay cs is in Pakistan, which really sucks, not sure about Paypal.


@mkentosh: I've only had to speak with PayPal CS once, and the woman had no accent.

I bought a shirt, and it was a fake (Fred Perry). I won my claim, but they said I had to ship it back. I said no way was I paying for that, even though the sale said "Buyer pays return shipping." I simply said to her "I was sent a fraud, it's not as if I don't like the color or it doesn't fit, it's a fake. If you want me to pay to send it back, then you credit me enough to cover shipping."

They did. I was pleased with that.