questionschallenge:can you help me find a 36x40 dog bed…


@kd1357: Thanks, those have some possibilities. The first two are probably too thin, as I have hardwood floors, but the third one looks pretty thick. It seems odd that it's recommended for dogs up to 70lbs and is that large. Simba's 140.


Perhaps from Overstock?

If you're handy with a sewing machine to make your own cover, another option would be to get full-size foam topper and fold it in half down to size. Can't vouch for such at a sub $30 price, but around $40 is doable.


@narfcake: The ortho one has possibilities. It's on the small side and is $40 but it looks nice and thick. I haven't done any sewing for a very long time and I wouldn't be confident of being able to make a cover that would take the wear and tear. Also, commercial pet beds are treated for pest resistance, usually with aromatic cedar, which is a nice feature. Thanks!

I'm just spoiled, I buy him a new pet bed every year, almost always from Sam's or Costco, which have always offered very large beds for about $20. Two years ago I got him that enormous Cesar Milan bolster bed and when he realized that giant box was for him his eyes lit up like any other kid's at Christmas. When we pulled the bed out in the middle of the gift opening circle he climbed into and wouldn't be budged for hours. That's still his bedroom bed, but the one in the living room is looking a bit threadbare.


I'm going to guess that this is out of your price range, but I think it's a great item.


Here is one from Overstock that might work for you

For our dog's first Christmas, we had gotten him a new fleece blanket to replace his too small, puppy-sized one. While not wrapped, it did sit under the tree for quite a few days. The moment the first kid started to unwrap a gift, he darted past everyone, nabbed his blanket from under the tree, and ran off with it to cuddle away the morning. Needless to say, we were surprised that he figured out it was his and more surprised that he had waited to steal it from under the tree.


I use a doggie hammock,, with an easy-to-clean, machine washable dog bed or soft blankets on top for a 6-foot long, 80-lb pup, which all combined should be exactly in your price range.


@mattysc: Thanks, he has coolaroo hammocks with pillows on top on the deck and in the screen porch. But the bed I am looking to replace is in the living room, it gets dragged around a lot to accommodate different seating arrangements and I think a hammock would be too bulky.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I have looked at all of these and I think I will probably be going with the ortho bed from Overstock.


WAY over your price is this one. However, I have had the size up from this (XXX-LARGE) for my dane for over a year. The foam is still like it was when it was new, and Merlin loves it. He will chose his bed over the couch or my bed. I wash the cover weekly, and bought an extra to switch out. Plus, these are made in America.


@pyxientx: Yes, that looks very nice indeed. But I am not really up for spending $100 on a dog bed this year. If that were my product I think I'd try to find a happier looking dog to put in my ad!