questionswhere is the cheapest place to buy dvd's?


I don't think there is any one place that has the best deals. I think it depends on what title you are looking for. I suggest doing a search on a particular title (if you're talking about online purchases). But make sure you are dealing with reputable sites and aren't purchasing illegal copies.


@ojulius: Agreed. It's variable, you just have to do your homework for whatever title you're looking for.


blockbuster used to be a great place when they would have deals where you could get 4-6 dvd's for $20, and I've found lots of great deals for used dvd's at pawn shops and on craigslist. Typical craigslist dvd ads are for entire collections at around $1-$2 per disc on average.


I prefer staying with Amazon. I've bought DVDs from eBay, but it seems like a 50/50 chance it'll be a bootleg. So, the prices might be marginally better than Amazon, but it's not worth the risk to me.


@mistamoose: anytime a bootleg has shown up when I buy through ebay, I've contacted the seller for a refund, and not once have they asked me to send it back, they've just requested that I not leave feedback. I still do, people making money off piracy pisses me off. Piracy is for getting things free, silly!


The $5 bin at Wal-Mart, and has pretty low prices all around.


I typically go to Amazon or GoHastings for used DVDs/Blurays. I'll also watch the sales at BestBuy or Walmart for good deals on new movies.


Big Lots! Only $3-$5 for fairly new titles.


Try All titles are new and only $7.50 each, $1.99 ships any size order.


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I buy all my movies at
Really good site and well worth a look


New store - mostly just newer releases, but prices are very friendly...


check out and use the coupon code Free for free shipping


till now i have bought nearly $20,000 dollars dvdboxset from this site:

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You can check out they have cheap Blu-rays for around 6-7 dollars and DVDS for about $5