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Tattles for expired deals are verified.

We have noticed cases where the post was expired for no quantity available and the retailer added quantity after we expired the deal. In those cases, you should post the new deal.

There are also cases where the link is broken. After confirming that we are not breaking the link, we will expire those as well with the assumption that the retailer has removed the item and it is no longer available. If the retailer repairs that link, or makes the product available again, it is a new deal and should be posted again.

In rare cases, we will resurrect a deal if we feel that there has been an error in the expiration.

All told.


@jumbowoot: That doesn't actually answer the question as explained (apparently, however, it did answer @niloc225's question). As explained, the question is asking about the few occasions where a deal appears to be a duplicate but in fact is not because it is from a different retailer. So yes you investigate tattles for whether a deal is expired, but what about if the tattle is that the deal is a duplicate?


You are right about duplicate tattles. Why not handle the one if it is not right for the site. This has happened to me on several occasions.


@thepenrod: I took his explanation to say that they check on expired deal tattles and not really on the other tattles.

I have seen the injustice of the duplicate deals being kept and the original deals deleted even after I have tattled on the duplicates. I sometimes wonder why the staff does not pay as close attention to the deals side as they do to the AtC side.


@thepenrod: All tattles are verified before action (or inaction) is taken on them.

For the record, I am going to ask and answer the following question.

What is a duplicate?


From my perspective, a duplicate means the same thing.


I agree totally - it is a post or tattle or what have you that is the same as another one! No argument there. What I was alluding to is that just about every time I "tattle", I get the word "duplicate". My point remains that if it is duplicate, has action been takenn on it?


It's a DROP DOWN MENU. The word "Duplicate" is just the first choice. The other two are "Expired" and "Other" and I'm quite sure that many people don't bother to move to either of those (which makes it nice and difficult for those handling the tattles to discern which problem, exactly, you are reporting).

I always try to choose "Other" since I'm rarely reporting a duplicate post (and almost never an expired deal, other than my own). We've wished for some additions to the menu before, such as "Spam" and "Stupid" (and others), but there it is. Sometimes I'm just pointing out an error in the URL, or perhaps the description, that the OP would probably want corrected if they had noticed it ("uttery" instead of "Buttery" in an @ohcheri description comes to mind, although I didn't actually report that one).

No need to reply. Just pointing it out.


@klozitshoper: hmmm.
Our "action taken" on a duplicate is to remove it.

You should notice our "action taken" when you go to look for the duplicate and it isn't there.

It's not instantaneous. We take some time to review it before taking action.


@jumbowoot: I replied to you on the other thread on duplicates. I did not realize that line where all one sees is the word "duplicate" was actually a dropdown box. Sorry for any confusion I caused. And although Shrdlu said no need to reply, I want to thank her for the clarification.


So an actual person does check each tattle? I assumed it was some fancy algorithm or something else a bit more automated.

I try to come back and tattle on my own postings if I know the deal is dead like a one-day special or something. Sometimes I forget so I kinda wish you could specify a time for the deal to automatically expire as you're adding it.

It would also be neat if Woot could automatically check to see if quantity/availability has changed to out of stock but methinks there's too many different variables among retailers (in how they express it) to check for that.


@thewronggrape: What if the OP periodically checks the stock? I know that might be a difficult thing to do. If the supply is low, it could be edited into the original description. This could put an added workload on the staff who handle the tattles. Sorry about that.