questionschallenge: best auto gps with traffic


well the first thing you might want to do is start here:

this question was asked earlier yesterday. Yes he is looking for a GPS for Canada but the info is pertinent for you since finding a GPS for the US is easy as pie.


I have a Nuvi 775T and love it - size is good, fast enough, has traffic (in my area, at least - FM based). I wish the touch screen was a little bit less (mod edit: profanity) (it might just be me, but I could be trying to click something and it'll select something 1" away - I've learned to deal with it though, just being methodical when using).

Looks like the 755T is available for ~$140 refurbished, ~$160 new.


@turtlegir1: I gifted a Garmin 265WT which had the features you request. Any Garmin model with "T" at the end should include lifetime traffic updates.

When I gifted a year+ ago it was in the neighborhood of $165; I'd assume you could find it for less now.

I'll have to look more closely later for specific links.