questionsdo you buy terrible things during woot-offs just…


i don't have enough money to buy stuff i don't need. i can wait easier than working more for more money to pay bills


While I have "Taken one for the team" I couldn't think of an item I bought that I didn't have a person in mind that I could give it to. Maybe I bought too many woot calendars, or the honey do lists. Things I have Taken for the team:
got new mousepads for work (paper, not the pinup girls :P)
hell is other people notebook (gift for teen cousins and a notebook for me)
Zero Germ UV Toothbrush Sanitizer with Toothbrush (gave one to a germaphobe friend as a gag gift, other two I guess I'll save for forgetful house guests)
Fathead TRON Wall Graphic x 6 (donated all but 2 to toys for tots, sold one for 10 dollars to cover the cost of most of them)
Crayola 3D Sidewalk Chalk Activity Kit - 3 Pack Bundle -> Toys For Tots donations.

The only purchase that I didn't have a plan for at purchasing was this: Heeldini Foot Scrubber with Imported Volcanic Pumice. Only reason I bought it was this comment


Although unethical, you could probably purchase it, then email service and cancel the order later.

I'd rather let it be. While woot-off killers are up, it gives my F5 finger a rest.


@cowboydann: I love that you donate to toys for tots! Especially since you got them for that specific reason (or so it seems with at least the chalk)! It's what I plan to do with Random shirts I get that I'm not crazy about.


No, but I certainly encourage others to do so!


Not any more. I have taken a few for the team in the past, though. I will sometimes stretch a bit and buy things destined for gifts for persons yet unknown (a technique which, oddly enough, has worked very well) but I don't buy things just to help get them sold. Partly, it seems to me that the last 18 months of wootoffs have been a little lame. But maybe my memory is fading, thinking things were better before when it was always the same carp.


No, that makes no sense. There are enough people who lose all self control when those little lights start spinning, as if somehow that increases the value of the 27 leak frogs they just bought. Let them move things along.


@kllangellier: That's a great idea too! Woot made it very easy for me to Donate to the Toys for tots program, I'd say it was 100 dollars in stuff and I was able to donate ~350 MSRP worth of gifts. 4 Bendaroos packages(with 2 boxes of 750), 4 tron posters, 1 Disco Ball, 1 Star Wars Lunch Box, 10 HexBugs and 8 of those Chalk kits, 120 AA batteries and 60 AAA.

Also, @apocello42: Woot has some pretty insane prices on leakfrogs. Almost BOGO Free and apparently they make really really good gifts :P


If you do, please go ahead and buy a few of those Razer TRON Gaming Mice!


@pamfenway: I agree totally, most of the time. Although, I just did buy the tripods for that reason after reading this question. I figure I can keep one just in case i'll ever need it, and find someone to give the other two.


Just bought two tripods to help out... answer = very yes.


@davedawg08: Honestly, I've frequently bought more than one of an item, or sometimes all 3, just to give it to others as token gifts, like in xmas stockings & such. Also, I regularly give parties w/ all kinds of games and hand out these things as "prizes" to the winners (and losers). Folks always end up w/ their own BOCs at my parties. lol


Probably, assuming that the terrible things are made of chocolate.