questionsdid you send your kids away for the summer or areā€¦


Sent them away to a 6 week camp to get them out of my hair. lol. It is a great camp teaches them how to swim, hike, fish, etc.....


@driley1974: I didn't even know they still had camps like that. I saw that the one I used to go to re-opened in a much smaller and ungodly expensive form. It's a great opportunity for them. I used to love my time at camp, I was always sad when it was time to go home.


Our oldest flies up to visit her grandparents during school breaks. Not only has she developed a tight bond with them, but she enjoys the extreme difference in the climate (it is much colder and they have snow in winter). My husband usually cannot get time off work, so it is usually just me who flies up during to visit and bring her home. She does not like me being there with her for too long though because I make it harder for them to spoil the snot out of her.

They keep her busy with swimming, local festivals, dance, and seeing her old friends and relatives. The school also requires them to do a summer science project, so she works on that and does a summer education challenge workbook to keep her brain from going to mush.


I send my kids to camp every 6 years, but they don't seem to ever come back, so I have to make new kids.

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Mine are old enough to fend for themselves.


My oldest has 2 weeks of sleep-away camp and 3 weeks of summer tutoring.

My middle one has 1 week of sleep-away camp, then 4 weeks of day camp (there's a camp on an Island off our town where I went for years, and now my kids love it - you take the boat there and back)

My youngest has 5 weeks of day camp - 2 are theater, then 3 are on the Island.

I am looking forward to our week of family vacation! I love just hanging out with the kids on the beach or at the pool. :)


My daughter used to go to a day camp run by the YMCA - she hated the bus ride but loved the camp. Her love of the camp did outweigh the hatred of the bus; so it turned out OK. The Parks & Rec Dept. in our town also ran a program for children which she loved. We were also fortunate to have children in the neighborhood, and the just run out and play (you can see that this is before the "play date" thing), and everyone's mom knew one another. When I think of what happens today, I am so thankful that this was in a time and place where nobody worried about something or someone bad happening. There were just too many eyes.