questionsare you giving up anything for lent?


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My wife and I are giving up spending any money we don't have to. (Sorry Woot, see you in April)


BOC's, I haven't received one in over 2 years, so this should be easy.....


My dignity....oh, wait, I gave that up YEARS AGO.


I was going to give up either chocolate or watching Doctor Who, but I am too addicted to both. I think instead I will just do some random acts of kindness and donate to a charity instead. It will make up for my random acts of meanness the rest of the year. ;)


So the two actual things people are giving up is snacking and needless spending...

I'm a godless heathen, so correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't lent supposed to be a kind of sacrifice? OK so you are giving up something you enjoy, but lets be honest, obviously those are both things you wanted to give up anyway, for health and for fiscal responsibility. So you're not really making a sacrifice, you're using your religion as a way to force yourself to do something.

I think it's pretty silly either way, but still sounds like you're all missing the point.