questionsare you tired of the crawl?


I don't watch sports but if I had this problem, I would look at adjusting my screen size (or whatever it's called) to expand enough to push the crawl off the screen. Or you could use the low-tech solution and tape a piece of posterboard across the bottom of the TV when watching sports to eliminate the distraction.


Agree! Totally distracting. I've often wondered if younger folks (teens and 20's) experience the crawl in the same way. Maybe they take it in stride, having been born multi-tasking and able to focus on more than one thing at the same time.


I was just trying to watch a subtitled film, and the banner was overlaying the dialog. Needless to say, I gave up. My nephew somehow turned it off for my MIL, I saw it with my own eyes, it just wasn't there. As soon as I can, I will see if he can tell me how. I am hopeful!



What we hate even worse is the current trend of minimizing the closing scenes/credits of a show into a small box or a split screen while they use the rest of the screen for an ad or something. I occasionally WANT to see the credits (who was that actor?).

EDIT: I meant to mention that a friend was very excited that her son was to appear on the crew listings in a tv show credits, but the network did the shrinky-dink thing I mentioned so her baby's name was too tiny to read.


Let's not give woot any ideas on how they can make their website more cluttered.


@belyndag: will often list the entire cast (and technical crew, even) for a lot of productions. Might be worth checking?


The crawl itself is bad enough, but it's particularly annoying when it covers up other information that's more important to me.


I never get tired of this crawl:


I hate when you watch the crawl during college football - they show scores from colleges that I'm not even sure exist

Northwest Idaho State vs South Eastern Arkansas Tech


I despise the crawl! Additionally, I hate the little promos for shows which some networks like to put down in the corner. You know, where the cast of some other show are wiggling around and acting goofy, or zip across the bottom of the screen. I can't seem to discipline my eyes to not look at whatever's moving around down there instead of the program I'm trying to watch.


@mamajamerson: Oh, my yes! Those little people at the bottom of the screen are just SCREAMING to my ADHD household to pay attention the them and NOT to the show! Then we have to rewind and see what everyone missed! Argh!


Uh...I like it but that may be because I've gotten used to the stock price crawl.


@belyndag: Exactly! And trying not to look at them only makes it worse.

I have the same difficulty with school closing and such when the weather is bad. My local news station has taken to putting them up in two rows. One crawls horizontally while the other scrolls vertically. I absolutely have to read the moving words, even though I don't care.

And this particular comment should probably be tagged #firstworldproblems.


I do not like crawl!But Jump or Run!


it seems to be standard practice now to dedicate the bottom 1/3 of your TV screen to advertising. it infuriates me when the huge bottom add covers up part of the screen that i'm actually trying to focus on


Yet another bad 'by product' of 9/11.

I blame the Taliban for giving us news-generated-paranoia via the crawl. If 9/11 had not happened, would we still have the crawl?

Yeah, probably. My solution: The O-F-F button.