questionswhich led hdtv is better ?


You're going to want full array led, not edge lit led. samsung is better. array leds have local dimming and more vibrant colors...on par with plasma (edge lit are basically overpriced lcds). For 2k, you can pretty much get anything except those new 3d slim edge samsungs and those sony xbr ones. I know you said no 3d, and I'm in the same boat, but all the latest and best technology tvs are 3d ready now..just saying. You don't have to use it :).

The first sentence in this response us piety much the only thing you needed to read and you'll be happy. I personally LOVE this one (I'm getting the 47 inch version)

Edit: that vizio has arguably the latest and best technology for the dollar


I have a 32" Samsung LED HDTV. WiFi ready, etc. Love it. It was worth the money (between $800-$900) because I don't purchase a new TV every time the next 'big thing' is introduced. I plan to have this one for awhile.


@zarfus: Agreeing with you on that answer. Your going to want Full Array. I like Sony.


@straightrazor: What about this ? vizio XVT3D474SV

LED HDTV 3D Full array, Vizio, Made in America !