questionscan anyone help me find a medicine ball?


Check craigslist, I've got a 10lb rubberized ball like that that I'm looking to get rid of. Not that it's no good, I just never use it. Ever. And I thought I would because they're allegedly fun. But they're really not all that exciting and I don't feel like there's much going on when I use it.


Ask a PE teacher at your local elementary where they get them from.


@zuiquan: There are a lot of really good workouts that require only 1 medicine ball. has several. Here's a good one (The Tar Heels Workout):


@msklzannie: the ones they have have been there since at least the 1970s...all cracked leather and smelling light sweat...yuck.


@rayray8822: Yeah, that's the one that got me to pull the trigger. It's ok, but I don't think it's at all difficult. I get a much tougher workout with my ultimate sandbag (no affiliation, just like the product).


Thanks, guys. Now I can look forward to banner ads for medicine balls all over DW for the next week and a half.


Do you need yours to bounce? If not, you can make your own:

I poked out the hole where you add air and added sand from there with a funnel. I then used a tire repair kit to plug the hole. Dirt cheap... and I learned how to patch a tire too.


@justagigilo85: This is so cool! Thanks for the link! I have a few Jeremy Lin balls that are just sitting in the closet. I will have to try this on my spring break next week. Thanks!!


Just in case you haven't made your own medicine ball yet…

I finally saw our local elementary PE teacher yesterday and asked him about this question. He said to look for "weighted balls". :)