questionswhat can i do with a blackberry playbook?


You can ------------------- Answer censored due to inappropriate content indicating what devices connected to the internet can be used for. I just had to censor myself.


Blackberry store has a few apps. That's about it.

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It was actually a pretty good piece of hardware in it's day. Checking email, surfing the internet, ummmm....

Sorry, that is about all I have.


They licensed the predictive text from SwiftKey. It's really good. I found myself typing most of a sentence without touching the keyboard for more than the first word or two.

It's fine as a couch surfer/video player or PDF reader. Honestly, that's all I personally see a tablet as super useful for right now anyway. You can try the thing with the Android apps on there, but it sure isn't perfect.


Like everyone else has said--you can use it for keeping appointments/contacts, checking e-mail and surfing the web, especially if you sync it with a phone using the bridge. It's also great for taking notes in class/meetings and showing off pictures/videos to friends and family.


Checking email, surfing the internet,shopping on line......


Hey Conan, congrats on your new tablet!
My parents both went to a conference last year that RIM (the old name of the BlackBerry company) was the main sponsor of. They were each handed a free 64GB PlayBook along with all the other attendees, just because (in my opinion RIM couldn't sell 'em so they were just giving them away).
Being that neither parent is super tech savvy, and that my mom already has an iPad and my dad has an iPhone, they decided to hand one off to each of my sisters to be used by their kids.
For surfing the web, it is an acceptable device. It takes some getting used to the gestures, but that's certainly no show-stopper.
In terms of apps, however, is where the device falls flat, as there just isn't a healthy ecosystem of Playbook apps for things like reading eBooks or using Skype or Google Maps or or or...
So in order to make the device somewhat useful for my sister's kids, I turned on Developer mode which then allowed me to load Android apps onto the device... (more)


(more) There are many tutorials out there that will assist you with the process of installing Android apps on your Playbook, and I expect you will need to do this in order to get really good use from the device.
That said, be aware that Android apps, for the most part, don't know how to interact properly with the hardware of the Playbook, so if you install an eReader, don't expect it to be able to control the brightness of the screen when you use the eReader's controls, for instance. is a good resource for help with loading and sideloading of apps.
SO, when all is said and done, one of my sisters has the device on a shelf somewhere collecting dust, while the other sisters' kids use it to play the Need For Speed game that came with the device, and she borrows Ebooks from her library using the android version of the Overdrive eBook software, and uses Zinio to read the magazine subscriptions I bought her. They don't love it, but it is acceptable.