questionswould you purchase your kindle today?


I just started reading when I bought a kindle fire "for my wife" last month. She hasn't used it at all, and I have been reading ever since (before this, haven't read since high school). I found that being able to convert books to the kindle format myself from almost anything helps with the cost of buying ebooks.


I have a Kindle Fire and as it turns out I hate reading books on a device. Who knows why, but I think I get a sense of accomplishment out of seeing the bookmark travel across the spine. Also, no device lets me leaf through to find unmarked earlier passages with the speed of a paper book.

I played games on it for a while until that got boring (why do people play angry birds). It sits on a shelf and collects dust now.

I bought a refurb Asus netbook (from Cowboom for $100) and use it a whole lot more.


Yes, I would like to still get one. My fiance has 1 and I really like using it. Trying to read on my phone just is not as nice. I also have a large set of books that are waiting for me to read on kindle.


I got a Kindle Fire as a gift, so the purchasing questions only slightly applies. For the price and the price of the books, no I would not buy one for myself. As of right now, I've had mine for about 6 months, and have probably 5 books, all of which I got for free or under a dollar.


While I would not even consider a Kindle Fire, I love my Kindle Keyboard, and have been considering buying a second one out of fear that Amazon will discontinue them entirely. The Fire doesn't have that e-ink technology that the Kindle does, and it's really not the same, reading on it. I can (and do) spend hours with my Kindle.

I didn't get it because I thought I'd save money on books. It has actually cost me money, since I purchased books I would not have otherwise. I got it to save shelf space, and for the ease of use in carrying a large set of books to read with me, without dragging around a heavy book bag. I never read just one book at a time, and the Kindle is perfect for that, since I can rest my brain by reading something light, and then go back to the more difficult item.

Yes, I'd purchase it today.


I would still buy my Kindle today. I love it. I have a Kindle Fire, but it's not a reading device. Reading on a Fire is not its main purpose. It was designed for Amazon's other catalog offerings (music, movies, shows). The e-paper Kindle is still the way to go for reading books.

But yes, it's a bit annoying the pricing structure of some books. You can, however, partly blame Apple for the increases since the old days. They jumped into the market with their marketing power and offered all the publishers the ability to charge whatever they wanted in an effort to get them to leave Amazon and go strictly with Apple. In order to keep publishers, Amazon had to capitulate and offer them the same deal. Now, instead of lower-priced kindle offerings, we often see higher-priced versions 'for the convenience' or perhaps the same price. Publishers are, by and large, old-school thinkers and don't get that they actually save money with digital versions, so they can pass those savings on. Shame.


It is getting to where, since you can pick up a used paperback for dirt cheap, the incentive for using a kindle or similar device is only for convenience (and maybe style) and not frugality.

I loved mine a lot before the screen went dead. I will get another, because I'm hooked on the product itself. :)


I am an avid book reader and I just love the feel of a book in my hands. But I have purchased several ebooks and obtained a lot of free ones from Amazon. With the Kindle PC option offered by Amazon, I didn't need to purchase a Kindle, as I could use my computer. I quickly found that I do not like to read from a computer for any length of time.

Two months ago, after comparing all the Kindles, I purchased the Kindle Keyboard 3G (I was cheap, so I got the one with Special Offers - they are not that obtrusive). The e-ink is easy on the eyes. Thanks to Amazon, I have a back load of free books to read (Dumas, Burroughs, Carroll, a fabulous assortment of fairy tales from all over the world, etc) and with the Prime lending library, I have many more ebooks to read.

I still purchase real books, but I would definitely purchase my Kindle again.


Nope. I've got a kindle fire and would not buy again.
But I LOVE my simple touch Nook. I have a constant stream of ebooks coming in from the library and love not having to worry about returning to a b&m library.


As mentioned, the Kindle Fire isn't really very good for ebooks: your eyes will tire with the backlit LCD screens. I have 3 Kindles (a second gen, a Kindle Touch, and a Kindle DX (thanks, woot!)). I love them.

Yes, I agree that the pricing model is sometimes too screwed up for words. Given the recent DOJ lawsuit, expect that to change to something more sane (why can I get the Game of Thrones series in paperback for 10 bucks LESS than the ebook?).

There are some significant benefits, though, of the Kindle universe. There are plenty of free Kindle books to read, many posted here at deals.woot, and some are pretty good. I just read this one:
It was posted here a week or so ago. It wasn't perfect, the ending was somewhat lame, but it was quite entertaining. Baen books also sells DRM free sci-fi you can put on your Kindle.


For traveling (especialy if you plan on living out of a backpack for a couple of days) 3 or 4 books on a kindle is much easier to find room to pack and carry than 3 or 4 physical books.


For years I read on a Dell Axim and it was great. Sure, tiny screen but as others have said I can carry a whole lot more books on that than I can in my luggage.

I got a B&N Nook Tablet as a replacement and it is OK but not as good as a dedicated eReader. Although I am not sure how annoying that screen refresh will be I am looking for an inexpensive Kindle Keyboard, the newer one. Good size and just an eReader.

For books I like to read mostly science fiction so shop at almost exclusively. Decent prices on individual and bundled book packages with plenty of free books too.


Edit to above:
Price increased to $5.99, but it is part of the Prime Lending Library. These freebies come and go: jump on them when you can. Even after the price goes up it stays in your library.

Also: There is the Kindle Daily Deal, which is usually posted here (cough). Books of decent to good quality for 0.99 to 2.99


Paired with my Prime account, my Kindle Fire and Reader both get a TON of use. I often use my fire for netflix and it works and looks great. I've been getting some great books from the lending library. It is really nice to grab a cookbook and find out it sucks and just return it. I like propping up the Fire in the kitchen and using it for recipes. I used the Kindle 3G for some school textbooks and it was great.

I don't regret getting either one in the least.


I ahve my Kindle Fire and it's great, but when I feel like reading for a qwhile, it can start to bother me or the battery may die in the middle of a chapter if I'm not close to a plug which is annoying. I'm considering buying a kindle touch or just the plain jane version for heavier reading. I still feel there's great value in the kindle as it takes up much less space and there's still a free book a month from amazon prime and discounts if you're a prime member on other books. I blame apple for the price increase in books, but what can you do? I think they should rework to cost structure on some e-books, but I'm happy with it for the most part and still see the value.


I would absolutely purchase a kindle again. Personally, I don't like ANY of the touch-screen readers, since I hate having smears on the page I'm trying to read. So that pretty much rules out the B&N options and any of the "higher end" modern kindles. I do so hope they keep their non-touch line available in some form.

Oh, and a Kindle Fire should not be considered a Kindle... it's only related in name. I really don't understand the people who're whining about it, unless they really couldn't see through the marketing hype.

(I have a kindle keyboard (wifi, no ads) from before they were called kindle keyboard and were just termed kindle 3. I also recently got the Cyber Acoustics case for it from Woot! Plus and am reasonably satisfied with that. Though I still also like the Built case I had from before.)


I just got my Kindle (it's a keyboard) and I'm still trying to figure everything out. I'm kind of muddling my way through it, but I think I'm going to like it.


If I recall correctly, my Kindle cost around $200. I used it a lot when visiting my husband when he was alive and in a dementia facillity, then nursing home. It is convenient and I also use it when traveling. Having said that, though, I am not sure if I would purchase one again. I have been thinking on that. I have an Ipad and don't want to use it as a reader. During the time of my husband's illness, I belonged to three book clubs - still belong to one. The books chosen were a lot less expensive back then and I was glad to finally be through with going to Sams or being on the waiting list for a book to come in to the library. I would probably purchase a new one due to the size and the space not used, but then again, I always donated books I did not care to reread to the Goodwill book store, the local library, etc. I hope my current Kindle stays well and happy because it would be a hard decision.


I borrowed a kindle keyboard to check it out. After reading several books on it, I plan to get one of my own. (Hint, hint, Woot ;) I have many of the free books and will borrow from the library rather than purchase most of my books.

I tried to talk myself into a fire but just too many drawbacks for me. I may consider a used one down the road for cheap but overall it is not a good fit for me.


I have a kindle fire that I got for 140 a few months ago and I really love it. However, better tablets are probably going to be available for 200 or less in the next month or so, so maybe I should've waited. However that's just how it always is with electronics.

I definitely don't regret the purchase though. The kindle fire runs cm7 very well.


I have a Kindle Fire that I received as a gift. I was debating it for the longest time but couldn't pull the trigger. We also have a Nook (regular) in our household.

I used to be an avid reader but got lazy. Having an e-reader, be it the Nook or Kindle or an app on my smartphone, definitely has led to me reading more.

The price of ebooks, which seems to be the drawback in question, is not a concern for me. I get most of my downloads from my library's website free for 21 days. Sure, I was on a 5-month waiting list for "A Dance with Dragons" but I don't mind.

I am slightly annoyed by how easily the Fire's screen picks up smudges and fingerprints, but it's a handy gadget to have around.


I still like mine. I don't have to clear out space on the bookshelf for new books now. Not to mention, you can perpetually re-download older books you bought. The books never wear out. It's still worth it to me.


I got mine during the Amazon local $50 deal and my daughter loves reading a lot of the free books I download for her. In other words, I'm glad I bought mine when the price was right. I wouldn't just go out and buy one without a good sale though.


I have a Kindle keyboard, and I'd buy another one in a heartbeat. As far as books go, I usually just get the freebie books or really cheap ones. I did splurge when the Harry Potter series became available for ebook readers, but only because the $60 pricetag got you 8 downloads. So I figured that it was worth it to have copies for me, my daughter, and then a few more to give away.


I think I could write 10 1,000 character answers to this question! Will be as brief as possible.

Yes, I'd buy a kindle again. And have - Own 3 now, 1 a DX.
All are keyboards - my favorite! (Buy now, they are no longer making them.)
Refurbs are perfect.
Didn't buy to purchase best sellers.
Used to buy those in paper backs - they got too expensive.
Have given 4 (soon to be 5) kindles as gifts.
The Fire is nothing like a kindle. Not e-ink.
Notes you make are on your kindle are retrievable.
Has an embedded dictionary. Love & use it.
Have a large hard bound library. Still add a few books. - NO conflict w/kindles.
SO many ebooks free on Amazon - the classics & new ones.
The only way to travel w/books!

I love to read; and do that a lot. Go to sleep every single night reading. (kindle falls asleep after me.)

Note: Amazon's Kindle Forum has threads w/free books.


I don't own a Kindle: I have Kindle for PC installed instead.


I have a 1st edition WiFi only Nook and I love it. I'll keep using it right up until it craps out. I also have an Asus Transformer, which I also love. I bring both with me ( usually ) and will read on both although I prefer reading books on my nook.

I, like others, am getting upset that it now can cost more for an electronic version of a book than it costs for the physical one. Especially because with the electronic one, they can just say " we're not working with that publisher anymore, so we're removing that book". Something they can't do with a physical copy.

Am I glad I have my nook? yes. If I had never used one and was debating on getting one, however, I would probably not get one because of the additional cost of books.


@dmaz: Try contacting Amazon, depending on how old it is, they may fix it for you. I've heard of them replacing kindles outright because the screens have died outside of the warranty period. If the screen cracked, then you're definitely on your own, since they consider that abuse.

I have a Sony PRS-505 that I got 3 years ago, and have read hundreds of books on it. My fiance has a PRS-300 that she got after seeing mine, and she's used the snot out of hers as well. One thing that has really helped a lot with keeping costs down is making use of the library check out. If you have a reader that supports Adobe ADEPT style DRM for ePub, or Kindle, then you can check out from many different libraries that use the Overdrive system. If your local library doesn't use Overdrive, there are some libraries that do that accept out of area users for a small fee, like the Philadelphia Free Library. I am in the St Louis area, and use the STL County library with Overdrive.


Absolutely, 100% yes. I think I love my two Kindles (Keyboard and Fire) more every day. As @wilfbrim pointed out, the prices are likely to go down in the future. And as others have said, it's the convenience, saving of shelf space, and nice integration with Amazon Prime perks that kind of seal the deal for me. I also like that it saves my highlights--I hate annotating in a physical book. :(

One note: I know a lot of people are saying the Fire isn't a good reading device, but I must disagree. When I received the Fire as a gift, I intended to use my Keyboard for reading and my Fire for everything else. But now that I've tinkered with the settings a bit--lowered the brightness considerably, changed the background/font color to a sort of sepia cream background with brown text--I don't find that I have any eye strain from it. It's not QUITE as enjoyable as the e-ink screen, but it's close.


I have three Kindle fires used by my wife, my mother-in-law, and my mother. They love the kindle. The one issue that keeps coming up is that they can not be used for Video Conferencing. My mother-in-law has also found some of her sites' streaming video does not work on the kindle.

With the recent tablets released into the $200 tablet market, I would be more prone to go with a samsung or google device today.

In case you are wondering, my tablet of choice is the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. I would only trade it in for a newer Galaxy.