questionshas anyone been watching/following e3?


I'm sorry, I have nothing to add, but I am interested in what everyone else knows. Thanks for posting this question. I think I will switch it on now!


God of War Ascension looks amazing! Makes me want to buy a PS3.

By the way, everyone should tweet to #E3onG4 as you watch. You can win prizes or get your tweet shown on live TV!!!


Wii U coming this holiday - No price tag yet though. Virtual overview for Wii U

I'm still trying to understand how this thing is going to work, lol.


i wish i were there instead. they always make the best announcements in E3 every year. all the coolest, latest stuff


I have.

@wootfast won't stop talking about how much he wants this game.


I'm very interested in the Wii U but I'm awaiting the price tag. I have a feeling it's going to be major overkill if it's close to what was rumored at last E3.


Nothing new that hasn't been posted already.