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This thread has some excellent shoutouts for companies:

If I had to venture a guess I'd say holidays are the best time to have an issue resolved. I'd be interested to hear of post-holiday CS stories - I wonder if customer service improves around peak shopping periods due to more people being hired to handle the service load?


From AT&T of all places!

I called to cancel phone and TV service and expected a long hold and big fight, but got nothing but courteous professional service. And the whole call took no more than 5-10 minutes.


I recently bought a monitor desk-mount from Monoprice. When I went to install it, a part broke. I emailed them and told them. They sent me a UPS label (prepaid) to send it back and they immediately sent a new one to me. I got the new one on the same day I eventually sent the broken one back. No additional cost to mail it and I had the newer one maybe 3 business days after telling them about it. This was the first time I had ever sent something back that I had ordered online.


I am currently looking for a new bathroom scale. On Amazon, there was a person who complained about a particular model in the reviews. The VP of the company who makes the scale posted a response that was very friendly and informative. The person who complained updated their review to confirm that they received a new scale that works the way it should. That kind of devotion customers makes me want to do business with that company. I have seen similar things with vendors on Newegg too (I think with Rosewill).


Believe it or was the cable company. I have direct tv for my viewing and use the cable for my internet. The installer was very helpful and even included some extras. It was a good experience.


Warby Parker. They sent me a follow-up survey after I visited their showroom and I told them that one reason I didn't buy glasses from them was because I didn't feel I was treated very well.

They responded by apologizing and offering me 50% off a pair of glasses. They were very pleasant the second time around and made sure things were made right. And their product is a great one. . . if you're not near a showroom, they'll send you frames to try on.


Frontier, or Verizon Fios for some of you has always been good about remedying billing errors and such.. i've had service with them over a year now and have managed 4 or so months free


hooters. Had a miserable experience there with the whole family one evening, posted to their facebook, which was quickly deleted (and I was banned from their page). THAT annoyed me even more, so I contacted corporate HQ, and within 48 hours had an email apology from one of the bigwigs at corporate, and was told the manager of the local restaurant would be contacting me.
next day manager called and apologized, invited us all to come back for anything we wanted, on the house. Everything except the beers was comped, including dessert, to the tune of $80, and the service was great. Manager came and checked on us 3 or 4 times, apologizing each time.

Anyway, I had decided to never come back, but that experience changed my mind. We're now back for their all-you-can-eat wings 1 wednesday a month