questionsdoes there seem to always be the same number of…


Step away from the computer and go outside for a nice walk. Everything will be fine.


OK... You're going crazy.

However, I've noticed this as well. It is either by design or else a side effect of the algorithm. (Perhaps not a satisfying answer, but at least you've been called crazy.)


Similar question from a while back asked by me.


This has been on my mind for quite a while. It's the same number almost every day


@jsimsace: I just simply can't keep up with you :)


Woot has stated in the past that they want to have around the same amount of black triangles at any given time, so they make the algorithm fit that number, which appears to be 350 black and 350 purple at the moment. What that probably means is that they rank everyone, take the top 700 and most likely linearly rank them 80% to 100% and then the remaining users are ranked 0 to 79.99%, linearly. it's not a straight line, else the number of black and purple would be changing.


There should be a secret black triangle club or a reward of some sort....


When I read this question, I noticed that the green triangles were about 3 times the black or purple, brown was about double the greens and the red and orange have about the same amount.


It's a percentage. Black triangles are people with rep of 90 and greater. Rep is a percentile - as shown when you click on "leaderboard" and view your own stats.

As long as the number of wooters remains relatively constant, the number of each triangle category will also remain relatively constant. If there was a sudden influx (or pruning, as has been done in the past), then these categories would vary accordingly.


@mlutz3: I can't remember the code, but Black is 90+ rep, Purple is 80-90, and then below that, the ranges get bigger. Hence the varying numbers of people in each category. See my other answer above for an explanation of how that works.


@tsfisch: Blast! Well I did just hit it two days ago so its probably in the mail...