questionswhy is my ficus committing suicide?


Why? I would guess because of four months of neglect. It is probably too far gone to be saved (sorry).


@pitamuffin: No need to be sorry. I don't have plants. Even when I do take care of them they commit suicide. I'll see if my neighbor wants it. Otherwise i'll let you know when the funeral is.


Give it to someone who does like plants? I had a ficus in my office about that size for about 20 years that died last year. We figured it was probably old age.


@moondrake: I'll see if my neighbor wants it. I guess I can put it on Craig's List. Have i said I hate plants? In my defense, for some reason there is no spigot outside so for me to water this thing I have to lug a big pot of water through the house out to where this thing sits.


It's not suicide, it's murder.


It may be too late but ficus trees like light (not direct), warmth, and humidity. But ignoring it for 4 months in the dry/low humidity winter months pretty much means the root ball is all dried up.


@first2summit: It got rained on pretty hard in January and February so it did get some water. It's been pretty hot on and off the last few weeks and this just happened. I'm not sure how long it's been where it is and I never got instructions.

Time to find it a new home.


Did Amazon buy it?
Maybe the roots have checked out?
Eh? Eh? Too soon?


You did not pay enough attention to it's woots. pun intended.


A nod and thank you to the very punny (sic) responses above. :-D What I know about ficuses (is that the correct plural? Doesn't look right. Rhetorical ?, cause I don't really care.)

Okay, here's what I know from experience...They are difficult to grow. You can over AND underwater them. They are, IMO, pitas. Had several (more than 2), long ago, as indoor house plants. Pure, unadulterated, abject failures on all of them. I tried hard to keep them thriving. I have come to the conclusion that they long to die.

Currently have a 'ficus' planted outside. Was told it was a ficus, so I'll go along w/that. Had it for many years (+25). I pay NO attention to it. It flourishes. Note: I live in Florida...most everything 'flourishes' here. Hard to 'kill' anything. (Palmetto bugs & abundant snakes in particular.) Also, like me, suicide isn't a first option. ;-)


@gmwhit: Thanks! I don't know how the previous owner (I inherited it when I bought this place) kept it alive. There is no spigot outside and he was a million years old and used a walker. I'm going to try to lug some water out and keep it moist but not sure if I care that much.

I'm in So Cal so like you, things tend to live. I must have some bad plant joo joo.


@minkeygirl7: Get a gallon jug of water and poke a hole in the bottom. Put your finger over the hole and fill it with water. Set on dirt beside tree while removing finger. Refill as needed. If the water doesn't trickle out of the jug, make the hole bigger. It seems odd to me living in Florida that you'd have to water it that often as the air is so humid. I live in an extremely arid climate, and I give my four foot-ish fica about a half gallon of water once a week. I have a large funnel stuck in his dirt, about half the water goes in the funnel to trickle down, and the other half goes directly on the dirt. He's doing fine, although we will see what the summer brings. He was my office plant and has never had to face a desert summer. I hope he makes it, I raised him from a .99 supermarket sprig.